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2 Year Anniversary! is a 7-day event which specializes around unique armies with troops from throughout history. There is a total of 5 steps in order to earn unique armies and Power Plant; which boosts your town's economic and lets you train tactics and Airstrip troops faster! The 5 steps tell that you need to have a minimum number of collect food in order to earn a reward for each step. This event started at April 26, 2017 and ends at May 3, 2017.


Dominations has been available for 2 years! For this special event, we've put together some unique armies with troops from throughout history. Enjoy a throwback to old times with Slinger and Spearmen or get a preview of what's to come with Bazooka and APC. If you manage to earn the Power Plant, you'll get to boost your whole economy for a week! How well can you tend your civilization?


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Step 1: Collect 475,000 Food

Step 2: Collect 1,100,000 Food

Step 3: Collect 3,300,000 Food

Step 4: Collect 5,500,000 Food

Step 5: Collect 11,000,000 Food

Recommended Units and Buildings[]

  1. Farm
  2. Mill
  3. Raiders