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Greetings Leaders,

To celebrate the 9th Anniversary of DomiNations and the release of Custom World Wars we’re hosting a Community War challenge for all Alliances to participate in!

No sign-up is required; simply participate in Custom World Wars between 5/2 10am EST to 5/30 10am EST. The top 10 Alliances will all receive 9x 9th Anniversary Chests for each member, with the highest placing Alliance receiving 9x Legendary Tokens for each member!

The Community War challenge will follow a basic Ladder style format.

How to Participate[]

  • Alliances will compete in Custom World Wars over the course of one month from 5/2 10am EST to 5/30 10am EST
    • Any Custom World Wars started after 10am EST on 5/30 will not count toward the final score tally.
    • Alliances can choose to compete as often or as little as they want. Whether it’s every day or a single day, so long as a Custom World War takes place during this period, it will count toward your overall tally.
    • Challenge other Alliances across any community platform you so choose whether it be the Official DomiNations Forum, on Discord, or wherever your social space of choice may be!
    • There are NO REGIONAL OR DEVICE RESTRICTIONS, no matter where you’re from or what device you’re playing on (This includes DomiNations on PC)!
  • Placement in this style will be determined by Total wars won.
    • Tiebreakers will only be enacted for the top 10 qualifying Alliances (for placing into the top 10 and top 1 positions only)
    • The tiebreaker will be based on the percentage of stars in each war between the tying alliances. The Alliance with the higher percentages in each war will be the winner.
    • In the extreme case that both Victory Count and Star percentage match fastest times for each victory will determine the winners.


  • Your first Custom World War match during the active period will lock in your current Alliance roster for competition.
    • Players will not need to do anything to lock in their Alliance for the competition period.
    • During the active period, you can change the players that are participating in a Custom World War only from this initial list of Alliance members.
    • Anyone not listed on this initial roster (new members joining your Alliance) will NOT count toward your final score should they participate during this period.
  • Any Custom World War size is allowed for competition
  • Any Museum, Council, or Coalition setup is allowed
  • Any Army composition is allowed
  • Alliances can rematch each other only up to three times. (Any additional matches will NOT be counted toward your overall victory in the Ladder)
  • Regular World War matches do not count toward your score, these must be Custom World War matches only.


The top 10 Alliances can expect to receive their rewards during the week of 6/3. All members of the top 10 Alliances will receive 9x 9th Anniversary Chests, and all members of the highest scoring Alliance will receive 9x Legendary Tokens in addition to the aforementioned Anniversary Chests. Winners will be announced via DomiNations official social accounts and in-game!

Good luck everyone, and may victory shine upon your Alliance!