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“Armored vehicle that will continuously deploy troops on the battlefield.”

M113 armored personnel carrier is a standard level 3 APC unlocked in Cold War Age. Its predecessor is APC Mk.2 Unit and can be upgraded to APC Mk.4.

General Information[]

This unit deploys waves of heavy infantry onto the battlefield every few seconds. Keeps defenders at bay with machine gun fire.

APC will deploy its unique Heavy Infantry troops depending on their nation and age (2 per surge). Such transport will deploy troops once the troops it has deployed previously have already been killed / terminated by the opponent.

Historical Description[]

The M113 armored personnel carrier is a highly adaptable vehicle that was first introduced to the U.S. Army in 1962. Since then, it is estimated that more than 80,000 of them have been manufactured to perform all manner of tasks around the world. Among other roles, the M113 has been fitted for: amphibious assault, reconnaissance, command and control, direct fire support, medevac, artillery, maintenance and recovery, mine-clearing, mobile radar station, forward observation, anti-aircraft, bulldozing, incineration, urban pacification, and of course personnel transport. Making up nearly half of all armored vehicles in the U.S. Armyś arsenal, the M113 APC and its variants remain the most-commonly produced armored vehicles in the world.