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“Fires explosive shells that deal bonus damage to walls.”

General Information[]

AVRE Tank is an event troops from Events, Chest or Sales that can be used as Troop Tactics. AVRE Tank Army

It is a type of Tank that specialize in destroying enemy walls. Unlike a Wall Breaker, it does not perform one hit on walls but on every single wall it attacks. It acts like a normal Tank; thus it seeks and destroy defensive buildings on the battlefield but it has a very low health compared to other Tanks.

Historical Description[]

Engineer tanks were created to help protect the combat engineers that were tasked with building infrastructure or destroying obstacles on the battlefield. This class of tank was given the title Assault Vehicle Royal Engineers (AVRE) and was operated by the Royal Engineers themselves. These tanks often had demolition weapons such as a 29omm Petard mortar that could fire a 20kg charge up to 100m. Some of the most well-known models of AVRE tanks include the Churchill AVRE, Centurion Mk5 AVRE., and the Chieftain AVRE.


Level Health Health icon Damage per Second Damage DPS against Walls Damage Training Cost Training Time Watch Troops/Army


1 3,800 95 950 - - 2
2 4,950 110 1,100 - - 2
3 5,400 120 1,200 - - 3
8 11,605 493 4,933 - - 5