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“These siege units fire shots from a distance, dealing good damage to enemy buildings. They're completely defenseless against enemy troops though, so escort them with archers and other troops.”

The Advanced Artilleryis a level 10 standard Ranged Siege unit unlocked in the Information Age. Its predecessor is the Honored Artillery. It is researched in level 14 Armory.

General Information[]

  • Advanced Artillery can do efficient damage to buildings from a distance. They attack the building that is closest to them
  • Advanced Artillery only targets buildings, not enemy troops, making them vulnerable and defenseless

Historical Description[]

Faced with an ever-present threat from the North Korean rogue state next door, South Korea's military relies on artillery for protection on land. The state-of-the-art K9 Thunder mobile howitzer currently fulfills this role. It entered service in 1999 after ten years of development under Samsung Techwin, now Hanwha Defense. The vehicle has been adopted by countries like Finland and Estonia who also have aggressive neighbors to worry about. Others have produced their own licensed variants such as Turkey's T-155 Firtina, India's Vajra-T, and Poland's Krab.

One of the K9's most impressive capabilities is three-round "burst fire' enabled by its advanced aiming computer and autoloader. The shots are all fired within 15 seconds along different trajectories calculated for them to hit home around the same time. Other key features are hydropneumatic suspension built for Korea's mountainous terrain and the ability to acquire a target within 60 seconds while moving. The Thunder epitomizes modern 'shoot-and-scoot' tactics, staying mobile in between sudden deliveries of giant payloads.


  • Chivalry is a Level 2 Technology that increases the Range of Ranged Siege attack by 10%
  • Ballistics is a Level 3 Technology that decreases Siege troop space by 1 and increases attasck speed by 10%

Attacking Strategies[]

  • Since Advanced Artillery are defenseless against enemy troops, use troops such as Ranged Infantry to defend them
  • Use Heavy Infantry and Heavy Cavalry to help cover the Artillery from defensive buildings

Defensive Strategies[]

  • Honored Artillery is efficient alliance troops that can help defend City Centers. Their high damage can take out Generals and other strong units such as Heavy Cavalry
  • Advanced Artillerys can also take a large amount of infantry if they are clumped together
  • Advanced Artillery are also ranged so they can shoot over walls against enemy troops without being attacked by melee/low ranged units such as Heavy Infantry. This makes the Advanced Artillery one of the good choices for donated war troops for defense
  • Use the Angkor Wat to heal them as they attack enemy troops, increasing their overall life time