“Helicopters harass enemy defenses from long range. They're much more mobile than ground-based siege weapons (and able to fly over walls), but have low hitpoints and weaker weapons.”

The Advanced Attack Helicopter is a level 4 standard Attack Helicopters unlocked in Information Age. Its predecessor is Honored Attack Helicopter. It is researched in the level 14 Armory.

General Information[edit | edit source]

Advanced Attack Helicopter is used to directly attack enemy defensive buildings, ignoring obstacle or buildings by flying over it.

Historical Description[edit | edit source]

A Soviet competition in the 1980s pitted two attack helicopter prototypes against each other: Kamov's Ka-50 and Mil's Mi-28. The former won out, though orders were placed for both, likely to prevent Mil from going bankrupt. Reduced military budgets after the collapse of the USSR kept the Ka-50 Black Shark from actually entering service until 1995. The few that were ever built only saw combat during the Second Chechen War in 2000. Yet it is by all accounts a capable machine that stands out from your average chopper in a number of ways.

The most distinctive feature is the addition of a second main rotor in place of a tail rotor. Rotating in the opposite direction of the primary rotor, this design improves flight performance and lets it survive normally lethal shots to the tail. Another atypical choice is the autocannon's placement along the fuselage below the cockpit. This means the whole craft must be turned to face the target, but the central location lowers recoil and increases accuracy. It is also the world's first helicopter with an ejection seat and unusually flies with just one crew member. However, its two-man Ka-52 variant ended up being much more successful.

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