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“While their shots do little at enemy buildings, these troops are experts at dealing enemy foot troops.”

Advanced Rifleman is a level 14 standard Ranged Infantry unit and is unlocked in Information Age. Its predecessor is Honored Rifleman. It is upgraded in the level 14 Armory.

General Information[]

  • Like all ranged infantry, Advanced Rifleman can kill enemy infantry easily and quickly, as they have 4 times the damage to enemy infantry.
  • Advanced Rifleman aren't efficient against enemy cavalry and buildings.
  • Advanced Rifleman are ranged units and can destroy buildings over walls.
  • Advanced Rifleman would attack the closest building on front of them but when attacked by an enemy troop; will fight back.
  • If there are enemy units nearby, Advanced Rifleman would attack them.

Historical Description[]

Upon reunification in 1990, the army of Germany decided to commission new infantry rifles rather than keep using the old East or West German guns. Part of the motivation was a desire to switch to the new NATO standard 5.56x45 mm caliber ammo. Heckler and Koch created the G36 assault rifle to meet this requirement. Features include selective fire, a folding stock, and a barrel that can launch rifle grenades. It can also be turned into a light machine gun support weapon by attaching a 100-round drum magazine.

The Bundeswehr made the G36 its standard service weapon in then it has been adopted by dozens of military and 1997. Since the world, United Nations police forces all over peacekeepers to the Royal Thai Army to the Baltimore Police Department. Despite generally excellent record, it came under criticism during the war Afghanistan for overheating and losing accuracy in sustained combat situations. Germany has been searching for a partial replacement but has had difficulty finding one due to the stringency of their specifications.



North European:


Attacking Strategies[]

  • Advanced Rifleman has low health; making them vulnerable to defenses. Use Heavy Infantry as meat shields to protect the Advanced Rifleman.
  • Advanced Rifleman is cheap and can be used to set off hidden enemy traps.
  • Use Advanced Rifleman to protect heavy infantry from other infantry so your Heavy Infantry won't get distracted.
  • Since Advanced Rifleman can deal more damage to foot troops, bringing some along with Heavy Infantry and/or Heavy Cavalry will help deal with pesky defending foot troops!
  • Make sure to keep the Advanced Rifleman behind your 'meat shields' or away from danger.

Defensive Strategies[]

  • Advanced Rifleman can be used as good Alliance Troops. One example is that they can shoot over walls to attack troops of the attackers forcing the troops to destroy the wall to kill them. Another thing is that they're good against other Heavy Infantry.