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Airborne Assault! is a 7-day event which specializes around NATO Hangar. There is a total of 5 steps in order to earn B-45 Tornado bombers, C-119 Flying Boxcar and  NATO Hangar; which produces B-45 and C-119 to rain destruction on your foes from above.The 5 steps tell that you need to have a minimum number of earn star in Multiplayer and World War in order to earn a reward for each step. This event started at May 28, 2017 and ends at June 4, 2017.

Historical Description[]

The Korean War saw the first combat ever between jet-powered fighter planes. American squadrons quickly eliminated any threat from the North Korean air force, but China countered with superior Soviet-built MIG-15s. Though the MIGs successfully defended the skies of North Korea against B-29 Superfortress bombers, the tide began to turn with the arrival of the advanced American F-86 Sabre fighter in December 1950. Sabre pilots managed to reclaim air superiority for NATO within two years despite their inferior number. By the end of the conflict, they had downed 7 enemy aircraft for each Sabre lost.

The war also saw massive ground armies fighting on the tiny Korean Peninsula. Resulting difficulties in logistics made transport planes just as critical as fighters and bombers with C-47 Skytrains, C-54 Skymasters and C-119 Flying Boxcars doing most of the heavy lifting.They carried essential supplies, dropped paratroopers and evacuated the wounded. How skillfully can you lead your armies in war?


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Step 1: Earn ? stars in Multiplayer and World War

Step 2: Earn ? stars in Multiplayer and World War

  • Reward: 500,000 gold

Step 3: Earn ? stars in Multiplayer and World War

Step 4: Earn ? stars in Multiplayer and World War

  • Reward: 1,500,000 gold

Step 5: Earn ? stars in Multiplayer and World War

*Reward amount depends on age