Angkor Wat

“When defending, heals nearby defenders. Once a day you may collect a bonus trade good.”

The Angkor Wat is one of four wonders unlocked in the Gunpowder Age.

General InformationEdit

  • This Wonder is available during the Gunpowder Age.
  • When near the Wonder, defending troops and generals will be healed by a flat amount and increase as you proceed through your ages. The previous percent-based heal was far stronger than intended for generals.
  • Once destroyed, the defenders will no longer benefit from the healing.
  • It can be a great partner for other defensive wonders, much like Versailles. This is because it can benefit your defending army (Note: Angkor Wat cannot go together with Versailles, since they are both wonders from the gunpowder age and therefore only one of them may be build at a time).
  • In addition to a healing effect, you can obtain a free trade good, which comes in a sets from 3-6 (depending on age). This is basically outclassed by the free mercenary army provided by Taj Mahal (as it can be valued around 5-10 trade goods); however, with the set of free trade goods, you can do whatever you want with them be it purchase a blessing or a mercenary army.
  • It can be more effective with a plethora of researches at the Library. Partisans, Hounds, Fortification, Nationalism, Leadership, Banking, etc.

Statistics Edit

Age Trade Goods per day Heal AOE Heal Amount Battle Pulse
Gunpowder Age +3 12 424 2s
Enlightenment Age +4 560
Industrial Age +5 672
Global Age +6 773
Atomic Age +7 1,010

Note: values in parenthesis "()" shows bonuses after Heritage Research.

  • Range: 12 squares from building edge

For building's other statistics see Wonders.

Historical DescriptionEdit

Built during the reign of Suryavarman II in the 12th century in Cambodia, Angkor Wat is the largest religious monument in the world. Originally a temple (or temple complex) dedicated to the Hindu god Vishnu, over time it was converted into a Buddhist religious site. Constructed largely of sandstone and laterite (natural brick), the structures are covered with beautiful bas-reliefs depicting important historical and religious scenes as well as hundreds upon hundreds of images of beautiful minor and major deities. A work of extraordinary beauty, the structure has the power to awe and inspire the pilgrim today.


  • As of the "World Wars Update", the healing has changed from a percentage to a flat number; however, this increases as you go through the Ages. This new number will heal defending soldiers better, as generals received too much healing.
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