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“It's been 1 year since we released the Korean nation and launched DomiNations in Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. Help us celebrate by training troops to earn the unique Korean unit, Hwarang Archers!”

The Anniversary Event! is a 3-day event that specializes in the first anniversary of the release of the Koreans nation in which players train troops to earn the Korean unique unit: Hwarang Archers. The steps require players to train a specific number of troops in order to achieve each step. This event begins at August 26, 2016 and ends at August 29, 2016.

Historical Description[]

"1 year ago, DomiNations released the Korean nation in celebration of our launch in Korea, Japan, and Taiwan.

Korea's historical ingenuity in defending their small nation against more powerful opponents is reflected in their nation powers. They gain an additional War Tactic, and some of the looted resources lost on defense are refunded.

The Korean unique unit, the Hwarang, comes from the state of Silla, one of the precursors to the kingdom of Korea. Hwarang were the young of Silla's aristocracy who served important religions and military functions. How good are you at maintaining an elite army?"


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Step 1/ Reward 1

Step 2/ Reward 2

Step 3/ Reward 3

Step 4/ Reward 4 Step 5/ Reward 5
Stone Age
Bronze Age
Iron Age
Classical Age
Medieval Age
Gunpowder Age
Enlightenment Age Collect 48,750 Food / Elite Hwarang Army Collect 130,000 Food / Elite Hwarang Army Collect 292,500 Food / Elite Hwarang Army Collect 455,000 Food / Elite Hwarang Army Collect 650,000 Food / 2x Elite Hwarang Army
Industrial Age
Global Age
Atomic Age

Recommended Units and Buildings[]

  1. Temple
  2. Barracks
  3. Raiders
  4. Armory