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Archive level 6

“View and store luxury items; namely Speed Ups and manuals”

General Information[]

  • View and store luxury items; namely Speed Ups and Wall Manuals (Update of Nov18).

Speed Up[]

  • Speed Ups are consumable items that reduce the time of an action in progress.
  • Speed Ups can be applied to: University and Library research, building construction and upgrades, museum artifact unlocks, forest expansion/clearing, expeditions, blacksmith research, and Drone Command research.
  • How to get Speed Ups: in the daily league boats, and victory chests. Additionally they are available via sales.
  • Speed Ups are consumed when used. Later canceling the action does not give the Speed Up back.
  • Speed Ups cannot be split; using a time value longer than needed does not give time back.
  • Archive building upgrades allow using longer Speed Ups. You can gain/store longer Speed Ups than your current building allows; but you can't use them until upgrading the building.

Wall Manual[]

  • Wall Manuals are consumable items that upgrade a segment of Walls or Gates as an alternative from using usual Gold or Food.
  • The number of Wall Manuals needed for each upgrade depends on Walls or Gates level. See Walls or Gates for the number needed for each level of their upgrade.
Wall Manual


Statistics []

Building statistics[]

Level Build Cost Gold icon Citizens Needed Citizen Upgrade Time Clock Experience Gain Exp Unlocked Speed Up HP Health icon Age Unlocked
1 500 4 1m 241 5 min, 30 min, 1 hr, 6 hr, 12 hr, 1day, 2days, 5days 1,925 Bronze Age
2 5,000 15m 480 2,745 Classical Age
3 10,000 720 4,390 Medieval Age
4 15,000 1,440 5,255 Gunpowder Age
5 25,000 2,880 9,100 Enlightenment Age
6 50,000 4,320 10,900 Industrial Age
Total 105,500 1h 16m 10,081


Council Committees[]

  • ?

Council Councilors[]

  • ?

Library Technology[]

Parliament Laws[]

  • Base Financing: Economic
    • Reduce cost of Economic building upgrades by 1,000 ~ 85,000 Food/Gold (to a minimum of Free)




VIP Bonuses[]

  • Building Upgrade Resource Cost
    • Level 9: 5%
    • Level 12: 10%
    • Level 15: 15%


  • The Archive building was added by the 6.5 update; September 2018