“"An assault Fighting Vehicle will pop out by surpise when an enemy reaches this trap."

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Age Number Available
Digital Age 1 (3)
Level Cost ​ Re-Arm Cost Citizens Needed Upgrade Time ​ Experience Gain Ambusher Type Number of Ambushers Range Age Unlocked
170,000?112d 12h? Assault Vehicle1 (2) 2Digital Age
2 82,000 ? 14d 12h 3,615 Heavy Assault Vehicle

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The Tactical Defenses Technology at the Library confers the following bonuses to Armored Ambush Trap:

  • Chapter 1 : +10% AFV health
  • Chapter 2&4 : Increases the number Armored Ambush Traps by 1
  • Chapter 3 : +10% AFV damage
  • Chapter 5 : An additional AFV deploys from the Armored Ambush Trap (Total of 2 deploy)

Harriet Tubman at the University confers these bonuses to Traps:

  • Traps upgrade Time: Decreases the time of upgrading Traps by 1% (10 levels).
  • Traps upgrade Cost: Decreases the cost of upgrading Traps by 1% (10 levels).
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