“A powerful raiding vehicle which is able to endure more damage and engage foot infantry better than other raiders.”

Cadillac gage Commando or M706 is a standard level 6 Armored Car unit unlocked in Cold War Age. Its predecessor is Armored Car Mk.5 and can be upgraded to Armored Car Mk.7.

Historical Description[edit | edit source]

The Cadillac gage Commando, or M706, was an American armored car designed specifically for the United States Military Police Corps during the Vietnam War. It was designed to serve the role of armed convoy escort and was one of the first vehicles to combine the roles of armored personnel carrier and traditional armored vehicle. Its height and amphibious capability were designed specifically for the Vietnam jungles so it could observe enemy activity through the thick vegetation. Eventually variants of the Commando were developed: the V-100, V-150, and V-200, each of which was modified for different battlefield roles.

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