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“These siege units fire shots from a distance, dealing good damage to enemy buildings. They're completely defenseless against enemy troops though, so escort them with archers and other troops.”

The Ordnance QF 18-Pounder Artillery Gun is a level 4 standard Ranged Siege unit unlocked in the Industrial Age. Its predecessor is the Cannon and can be upgraded to the Howitzer. It is researched in the level 8 Armory.

General Information[]

  • Artillery can do efficient damage on buildings from a distance. They attack the building that is closest to them.
  • Artillery only targets buildings, not enemy troops, making them vulnerable and defenseless.
  • Only when all enemy buildings are destroyed and enemy troops are left, Artillery will turn towards the remaining enemies and start attacking them.

Historical Description[]

During World War I, a large percentage of battle casualties actually came from artillery fire as opposed to the iconic massed infantry charges. In an attempt to break the stagnation of trench warfare, pre-attack artillery barrages could drop a staggering amount of ordinance on concentrated sections of the front lines, often leading to the 'shell shock' post-traumatic stress disorder seen in veterans of that war.


  • Chivalry is a Level 2 Technology increases Ranged Siege attack by 10%.
  • Ballistics is a Level 3 Technology decreases Siege troop space by 1 and increase attack speed by 10%.
  • Leonardo da Vinci 30% increase attack and Hitpoints on University

Attacking Strategies[]

  • Since Artillery are defenseless against enemy troops, use troops such as Ranged Infantry to defend them.
  • Use Heavy Infantry and Heavy Cavalry to help cover the Artillery from defensive buildings.

Defensive Strategies[]

  • Artillery units are efficient alliance troops that can help defend City Centers. Their high damage can take out Generals and other strong units such as Heavy Cavalry. Artillery can also take a large amount of infantry if they are clumped together. Artillery are also ranged so they can shoot over walls against enemy troops without being attacked by melee units such as Heavy Infantry. This makes Artillery the number one donated war troop for defense.
  • Use the Angkor Wat to heal them as they attack enemy troops. That way, they can last longer as they are being attacked.