The Assyrian Horse Raider is a Mercenary Cavalry Raider available at Mercenary Camp level 2. The next mercenary of this type is the Steppe Horse Raider.

Description Edit

"The Assyrians fielded light ranged cavalry as early as the 9th century BCE. The Assyrian archers used a simple short bow, riding their mounts bareback (or atop a blanket or rug) without saddle or stirrup. Their range was short, but quite effective against the lightly-armored infantry of the day. In the Battle of Qarqar (853 BCE), Assyrian King Salmaneser III defeated a coalition of 12 kings (including Ahab of Israel), inflicting 25,000 casualties on the enemy forces. Unfortunately we only have Salmaneser III's word for this, and most historians thing he was a huge liar who heavily inflated enemy casualties in battle."

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