“Helicopters harass enemy defenses from long range. They're much more mobile than ground-based siege weapons (and able to fly over walls), but have low hitpoints and weaker weapons.”

The Sikorsky CH-34 Attack Helicopter is a level 1 standard Attack Helicopters unlocked in Atomic Age. It can be upgraded to Heavy Attack Helicopter. It is researched in the level 10 Armory.

General Information[edit | edit source]

Attack Helicopter is used to directly attack enemy defensive buildings, ignoring obstacle or buildings by flying over it.

Historical Description[edit | edit source]

Attack Helicopters primary roles were providing close air support for ground troops and destroying enemy tanks. They could be equipped with numerous types of weapons including rockets, machine guns and guided anti-tank missiles. During the Algerian War, the French Navy modified the Sikorsky CH-34 into a gunship using two 12.7mm machine guns, an MG 151 20mm cannon and 68mm rockets.

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