Honored Attack Helicopter

Honored Attack Helicopter is currently the highest level of Attack Helicopters available in the game, unlocked in the Digital Age

“Helicopters harass enemy defenses from long range. They're much more mobile than ground-based siege weapons (and able to fly over walls), but have low hitpoints and weaker weapons.”

Attack Helicopters is the ninth type of Troops from Barracks to use for the player in DomiNations. It is unlocked in Atomic Age. It can fly above Walls, Gates and Buildings.

General Information Edit

Attack Helicopters are used to directly attack enemy defensive buildings, ignoring obstacles or buildings by flying over them.

Visuals Edit

Statistics Edit

Level Name Age HP Health icon Damage per second Damage DPS vs Defensive Buildings Damage Cost Food Upgrade Cost Food Upgrade Time Clock Experience Gain Exp
1Attack HelicopterAtomic Age1,3007049011,0009,250,00012d2,040
2Heavy Attack HelicopterCold War Age1,3787451812,90013,600,00013d2,130
3Elite Attack HelicopterSpace Age1,4477854613,83516,400,00014d2,220
4Honored Attack Helicopter Digital Age 2,291?110?770?17,00020,000,00015d2,200?

The DPS above base on 3s time between fire.

  • 7x damages against defensive buildings from range
  • Healed by supply trucks
  • High range, greater than most buildings
  • Ignores walls
  • Low hitpoints
  • Low damage
  • Only fires on defensive buildings
  • Can be shot by all towers including sniper towers and Japanese town halls
  • Can be shot by ground troops
Favourite target Defensive buildings
Training Time6m
Troop space8

Boosts Edit

The Standing Army Technology at the Library confers the following bonuses:

  • Chapter 4 : +10% Barracks Troops' attack and health

The Rotorcraft Technology at the Library confers the following bonuses:

  • Chapter 1 : +10% Attack Helicopters hitpoints
  • Chapter 2 : +10% Attack Helicopters damage
  • Chapter 3 : +10% Attack Helicopters hitpoints
  • Chapter 4 : +10% Attack Helicopters damage
  • Chapter 5 : x8 Attack Helicopters attack base damage against defensive buildings

The Versailles wonder confers these bonuses to the Attack Helicopters:

  • Hitpoint boost to both your attacking and defending troops: 10%
  • The Heritage at the Library Chapter 1 increases the hitpoint bonus from +10% to +11%.
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