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Aztec Rituals! is a 7-day event that specializes around the Aztec Temple. There is a total of 5 steps in the event in order to earn the Aztec Temple; which is a building that increases timed blessing durations by 50% and doubles the uses of other types of blessings!. The steps tell that you need to place a number of blessings in order to earn a reward for each step. This event started at July 20, 2016 and ends at July 27, 2016.

Historical Description[]

  • "The Aztec Empire was a strong militaristic state that dominated central Mexico in the centuries before the arrival of Columbus. Aztec religion emphasized the importance of sacrifice to sustain the order of the universe, with human considered the best sacrifice. Different gods required different sacrificial rituals and each was thought to bestow a unique blessing:for example , the tears of children sacrificed to the god Tlaloc were supposed to bring rain. Many victims were slaves or prisoners of war but to be sacrificed was considered a great honor. How good are you at courting divine favor?"


Aztec Rituals event

Step 1: Purchase 7 blessings

Step 2: Purchase 7 blessings

  • Reward: 225,000 gold

Step 3: Purchase 7 blessings

Step 4: Purchase 7 blessings 

  • Reward: 680,000 food

Step 5: Purchase 7 blessings 

*Number of placed blessings will add up.

Recommended Units and Buildings[]

  1. Temple
  2. Embassy
  3. Mortar
  4. Storehouse