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“Makes a bombing run along a line. To deploy an aircraft, tap any building or unit in the enemy's base. When they've finished their attack, they may be redeployed. These flying fortresses are more durable than typical bombers.”

General Information[]

B-17 Bomber is an event troop from D-Day! Events, Chest or Sales that can be used as Troop Tactics. It also can be built in the B-17 Hangar and used as regular Air Unit.

The bombing route line is made from the nearest map edge. This is extremely relevant and often difficult to understand as you need to make sure that the flight path is safe without anti air towers.

Historical Description[]

The B-17, designed by Boeing, was a strategic bomber capable of high-altitude, long range bombing missions. Bristling with anti-air machine guns, the aircraft earned its nickname "Flying Fortress". The B-17 was one of the most-produced aircraft of all time, with 12,731 being produced from 1938 until 1945 when production ended.


Level Health Health icon Damage per Second Damage DPS against Air Defense and Town CenterDamage Training Cost
1 858 2,170 217 3,000 Food
3 1,320 3,960 396 15,400 Food
? 1,490 5,000 500 360 Oil icon
8 2,596 17,810 1,781 725 Oil icon
10 3,244 22,192 2,219 986 Oil icon