The BRDM-1 is a Mercenary Cavalry Raider available at Mercenary Camp level 10. The previous mercenary of this type is the Bedouin Raider. The next mercenary of this type is the 2K12 Kub.

Historical Description[edit | edit source]

The 1957 BRDM-1 was an amphibious Scout car built by the Soviet Union and exported to its allies around the world. The model featured a number of innovations, including a pair of raised axles in the middle of chassis. These could be lowered to provide four extra wheels for driving on the roughest terrain. For amphibious functions, its front was tapered like a boat and sported a built-in propeller and complete waterproofing. While lightly armored, it could be outfitted with a variety of weapons. A medium machine gun came standard starting in 1959. Some 'tank destroyer' variants even featured anti-tank missile launchers.

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