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“The mysterious Ball Tank fires two shots with each attack, suppressing enemy troops and dealing 4x bonus damage to defenders!”

General Information[]

The Ball Tank is an Event unit from Events, Chest or Sales that can used as Troop Tactics.

Ball Tank Army

Historical Description[]

The Kugelpanzer is an enigma. The only known example of this spherical vehicle sits in the Kubinka Tank Museum in Russia, where it is listed as 'Item #37." The strange object is said to have been captured in Manchuria by the Red Army in 1945 while being shipped to Japan from Nazi Germany. The Russians supposedly keep any further details under strict secrecy and even forbid the taking of metallurgical samples.

The vehicle's front appears to have a slit for vision and a small opening from which a machine gun could be fired, while the back has an entry hatch for the operator. The most popular theory is that the Kugelpanzer could have served in an armored reconnaissance or infantry support role, though even this seems far-fetched due to its pitiful estimated top speed. While the Nazis did design plenty of bizarre weapons, it seems just as likely that Item #37 is a joke or hoax built by some bored Soviet mechanic. All we know is that the museum isn't telling.


Level Hitpoints Health icon DPS Damage DPS against Defenders Damage Shots per attack Damage Troops/Army TroopSpace
1 1,683 268 1,072 2 2
2 2,678 298 1,196 2
3 3,193 410 1,640 3
4 4,457 488 1,952 4
6 7,949 716 2,868 4
8 11,291 870 3,480 4