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“Bastions are formidable blockades that help to keep enemies out. When a Bastion is destroyed, Rubble appears and slows invaders that enter its area of effect.”

Levels[edit | edit source]

General Information[edit | edit source]

  • Bastion are a 3x4 wide fortifications with a "U" shape in the middle. This allows for the placement of 2x2 or smaller building (such as a sniper tower or anti-tank gun) within the gap in the middle.
  • When destroyed bastions leave behind a rubble that slows attacking troops within a radius. Place your bastions in an area where attacking troops will be forced to destroy them to maximize this effect.
  • The wall breacher (Engineer) does 25% less damage against a bastion than it does against a wall.

Statistics[edit | edit source]

Age Number available
Medieval Age 2
Gunpowder Age
Enlightenment Age 4
Industrial Age
Global Age 5
Atomic Age
Cold War Age 6
Space Age
Digital Age
Information Age

Level Build Cost Build Time Clock.PNG HP Health Slows Invaders Effect Area Age unlocked
1 1,600,000 Gold icon.png 0s 14,430 52% 2 Medieval Age
2 5,600,000 Gold icon.png / 5,600,000 Food.png 26,676 57% Enlightenment Age
3 7,500,000 Gold icon.png / 7,500,000 Food.png 34,502 62% Global Age
4 13,500,000 Gold icon.png / 13,500,000 Food.png 59,150 72% Cold War Age
5 15,200,000Gold icon.png / 15,200,000 Food.png 68,275 82% Space Age
6 21,500,000Gold icon.png / 21,500,000 Food.png 92% Information Age

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Walls placed on any side of the Bastion count as connected, even though there may seem to be a gap.
  • Gates cannot be connected inbetween a Bastion and a wall.
  • Bastions cannot be improved using Wall Manuals from the Archive.

 Boosts[edit | edit source]

  • After researching Ramparts chapter 2 in the Library Bastion, Walls and Gates health will increase by 10%. 
  • With Digital Age also Palisades was introduced that increases the Walls,Gate and Bastion health by an additional 10%, plus giving a discount on upgrades of 10%. 
  • Studying Chief Hiawatha at the University will give a 10% discount on all Bastions, Walls and Gates and (2 areas of study at a maximum of 5% each).
  • Studying Sultan Saladin at the University (lvl 4 BastionWalls and Gates hitpoints) adds an additional 3% (10 levels) extra hitpoints.
  • The Wall Blessing adds a 30% health boost to Bastions, Walls and Gates.
  • The Kremlin Wonder provides a 20% Hitpoint boost to Bastions, Walls and Gates (22% after researching Heritage level 3 in the Library).

VIP Bonuses[edit | edit source]

Building Upgrade Resource Cost

  • Level 9 : 5%
  • Level 12 : 10%
  • Level 15 : 15%

Parliament[edit | edit source]

Base Financing: Fortifications

  • Reduce cost of Wall upgrades by 2 ~ 18% (to a minimum of Free)
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