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Bazooka Tower

“This temporary defensive building fires devastating rockets at atttackers.”

Not to be confuse with Bazooka Sentry

General Information[]

  • The Bazooka Tower is a temporary defensive event building that fire devastating rockets at attackers.
  • It can only be obtained by purchasing it from a sale or from events.
  • It has an area splash effect making it powerful against a group of attackers
  • It targets the closest troops  (unlike the Missile Silo which has target preference) and fires right away when they are within range.

Attacking Strategies[]

  • It has a high hitpoints so Paratroopers and Fighters are less effective on it. Bombers are the best aircraft against it
  • Another strategy that works good is sabotage it then using Tanks and a wall breaker to rally on it.
  • If a base has the Bazooka Tower together with a Missile Silo, better focus on the Bazooka Tower first by taking it out with a bomber.
  • Barrage and Demolition are less effective on it since it has a high health.
  • In combination with blitzkrieg, 2 or more rallied commandos will work well if the tower is easily accessible via gates.

Defensive Strategies (Defending with it)[]

  • Best is to have it in the middle of maze walls so as to make it hard for attackers even if they use sabotage on it.
  • Most people tend to use planes on it (since is the only easy way to deal with it). Have an Air defense or SAM Batteries near it
  • Have a Decoy Trap at its base to get at attackers who try to rally on it
  • It only last for 7 days so take full advantage of it. Always have the defensive Blessings (Tower and Fortification Blessing) on, in your home base and Coalitions (Egyptians) during World Wars
  • The damage and hitpoints of the Bazooka Tower changes with each age.


Level HP

Health icon



1 6,300 ?
2 10,440 2,975
3 14,040 ?
4 22,000 ?
5 24,500 ?
6 27,000 7,250
7 35,125 7,250
8 45,665 10,525