“Causes high damage to a single target and low damage to everything around it.”

Big Red Button (BRB) is prepared at the Missile Silo. It launch one or more missiles to attack random buildings on enemy bases. It can only be used once per battle. It can be used 5-10 seconds after the battle started. It is available by upgrading Missile Silo to Level 6 in Space Age. It is not like a wonder war tactic in that it can be used every battle.

In other words, here are the steps:

  • Arm the BRB via the Missile Silo; it's re-armed similar to how the bunker is re-armed. It remains armed until used.
  • When armed, the battle (war or multiplayer) starts off with a scan introduction. When un-armed, there is no such scan introduction. This is purely a visual feature that offers no benefit.
  • At the battle screen, the randomized targets are first visible during the short planning stage (before you drop troops). At that point you'll know what they'll hit.
  • Dropping a troop starts the timer (cool down). After that cool down period (either 5s or 10s, depending on library research), the button is active. Typically players attack normally and press it as they have time, or when appropriate according to the randomized target (e.g., wait until recon or delay if on a loaded SH; and so on).
  • The button is only available once per battle.
  • After the battle, the button is unarmed and must be re-armed via the missile silo on your multiplayer base.

Statistics[edit | edit source]

Without Boosts

Level Missile Silo Level Damage Damage Radius Range Damage Type DamageType Number of Missiles Cool Down Re-armed CostOil icon.png
1 6 20,000 Single Target Area Splash 1 10s (*5s) 1,000
2 7 24,000 1,200
3 8 30,000 1,300
4 9 34,000 1,400

Boosts[edit | edit source]

The Offensive Ballistics Technology in the Library confers the following bonus to Big Red Button:

  • Chapter 2: +20% Offensive Missile Silo Launch Damage
  • Chapter 3: -50% Offensive Missile Silo Launch *Cooldown
  • Chapter 4: -25% Offensive Missile Silo Oil cost to be re-armed
  • Chapter 5: +1 Offensive Missile Silo Target

The Guided Missiles Technology research at Library confers the followin bonuses to Big Red Button:

  • Reduces Missile Silo re-arm cost by 5%
  • +5% Offensive Missile Launch damage health in World War battles
  • +1 Offensive Missile target in World War battles

The research of Sally Ride in the University confers the following bonuses to the Big Red Button:

  • Offensive Big Red Button Reticles: +2 Offensive Missile Silo Reticles.
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