“Causes high damage to a single target and low damage to everything around it.”

Big Red Button is prepared at Missile Silo. It launch one or more missiles to attack random buildings on enemy bases. It can only be used once per battle. It can be used a few seconds after the battle started. It is available by upgrading Missile Silo to Level 6 in Space Age.

Statistics Edit

  • Radius : Single Target
  • Damage : 20,000 (Without Boosts)
  • Damage Type : Area Splash
  • Number of Missiles : 1 (Without Boosts)
  • Cool Down : 10s (Without Boosts)
  • Re-armed cost : 1,000 Oil icon  (Without Boosts)

Boosts Edit

The Offensive Ballistics Technology in the Library confers the following bonus to Big Red Button:

  • Chapter 2: +20% Offensive Missile Silo Launch Damage
  • Chapter 3: -50% Offensive Missile Silo Launch Cooldown
  • Chapter 4: -25% Offensive Missile Silo Oil cost to be re-armed
  • Chapter 5: +1 Offensive Missile Silo Target

The research of Sally Ride in the University confers the following bonuses to the Missile Silo:

  • Offensive Big Red Button Reticles: +2 Offensive Missile Silo Reticles.

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