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General Information[]

  • Blessings can confer bonuses on your economy, defense, combat troops, etc.
  • Upgrading the Temple gives access to more Blessings.
  • An attack must deal 10% or more damage to your town to trigger defensive Blessings.
  • Blessings can't be used in World Wars. Instead you use Coalitions.
  • Blessings take up a 2x2 space
  • Purchase Blessings with trade goods

Regular Blessings[]

These are Blessings that you can buy with Trade Goods at the Temple.

Blessing Description Cost Duration Watch Blessing Amount Temple




Gathering Blessing
Increase the speed and reward amount of hunting and gathering. 3 Cider
3 Fur
10m (15m[1]) +20% (+22%[2]) Level 1 Iron Age
Armor Blessing
Increases the health of your attacking Barracks Troops. 3 Cider
3 Metal
1 Attack +30% (+33%[2])
Fortification Blessing
Increases the health of your nation's Buildings. 1 Diamond
1 Defense +20% (+22%[2])
Weapon Blessing
Increases the damage done by your Barracks Troops. 3 Fur
1 Diamond
1 Attack +30% (+33%[2]) Level 2 Classical Age
Tower Blessing
Increases the damage done by some defensive Buildings such as Tower, Catapult/Mortar, Ballista/Cannon/Anti-Tank Gun, Redoubt/Machine Gun, Sniper Tower, Missile Silo. 3 Fur
3 Leather
1 Defense +20% (+22%[2])
Animal Blessing
Increases the number of Animals that spawn from the Forest. 3 Metal
2 Diamond
10m (15m[1]) +50% (+55%[2])
Loot Blessing
Increases the resources raided by your combat Troops. 4 Cider
4 Leather
1 Attack +10% (+21%[2]) Level 3 Medieval Age
Storage Blessing
Refunds some of the resources that are stolen from storage buildings (such as the Mill and Market) by opponents. 4 Metal
4 Leather
1 Defense +25% (+27%[2]) Level 4 Gunpowder Age
Training Blessing
Decreases the time it takes for Barracks and Factory Troops to be trained. 6 Cider
2 Diamond
40m (1h[1]) +60% (+66%[2]) Level 5 Enlightenment Age
Air Defense
Air Defense Blessing
Increases the damage done by Air Defense buildings. 5 Cider
5 Metal
1 Defense +40% (+44%[2]) Level 6 Industrial Age
Oil Blessing
Increases the rate of Oil generation at Oil Wells. 1 Diamond
6 Leather
6h (9h[1]) +20% (+22%[2])
Air Superiority
Air Superiority
Increases the health of your attacking aircraft. 7 Fur
2 Diamond
1 Attack +25% (+27%[2]) Level 7 Global Age
Defenders Blessing
Adds extra defenders from the Forest. 5 Metal
5 Fur
1 Defense +3 Research Zeal (ch. 3) at Library
Tactics Blessing
Decreases the time it takes for Tactics to be trained in your War Academy. 8 Cider
8 Metal
2h (3h[1]) +50% (+55%[2]) Research Zeal (ch. 4) at Library
Trap Blessing
Rearms all triggered traps after being attacked. 8 Fur
8 Leather
3 Defenses - Research Zeal (ch. 5) at Library
  • Note, most these blessings can also be obtained from sales, expeditions, and events
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 The Zeal Technology Chapter 2 at the Library increase timed Blessing duration by 50%.
  2. 2.00 2.01 2.02 2.03 2.04 2.05 2.06 2.07 2.08 2.09 2.10 2.11 2.12 The Zeal Technology Chapter 1 at the Library increase Blessing power by an additional 10%.

Special Blessings[]

These are Blessings that can't be bought at the Temple. They have to either be obtained through a special Event, through an expedition at the Shipyard or simply buy it at certain event.

Blessing Description Cost Duration Watch Blessing Amount
Increases Caravan production. Shipyard Expedition. 8h +25%
Increases Farm production. Shipyard Expedition. 8h +25%
Golden Age
Golden Age Blessing
Grants instant Town Center upgrades, increased resource production, and reduced upgrade costs! (This blessing is not affected by Zeal) Purchase in Sale event. Appears at times based on the players making of their account, also age based Until Certain Date Town Center Upgrade Time: Instant

Bonus Farm, Caravan, Road, Oil Production / Income: +100%

Building Upgrade Cost and Town Center Upgrade Cost:


Industry Blessing
Increase FarmCaravan, and Road income. Also increases League battle bonus rewards. ? 7d +20%
Heals your Troops every second while you're attacking. Shipyard Expedition 1 Attack +17

(Event Version)
Tactics Blessing

Decreases the time it takes for Tactics to be trained in your War Academy. Christmas Event ? +88%
Turkey Blessing
Spawns Turkeys Complete the Thanksgiving! event. 7d Max Turkeys: 5.

Turkey spawn time: 80m - 2h 40m.

Increases the health of your Walls, Bastions and Gates. Shipyard Expedition. 1 Defense +30%
Wolf Blessing
Produces Wolves to hunt! Complete The Great Frontier! event. 7d Max Wolves: 10.

Wolf spawn time: 80m - 2h 40m.

Air Training

Air Training Blessing

Decrease the time it takes to train Air Troops by 50% for 12 hours Sale, chests, events 12h Air Troops training -50%
Instant Retrain

Instant Retrain Blessing

Instantly retrain your army for the duration of this Blessing. Sale, events, season leagues 2d/1d/12h/8h/1h Instantly retrain your army!

NOTE: It requires 1 citizen to hunt a Turkey or Wolf.

* "Special Summer Sale!" Event happened in September 2018


Council Committees[]

  • ?

Council Councilors[]

  • ?

Library Technology[]

  • Zeal
    • Ch. 1 = Increase Blessing power by an additional 10%.
    • Ch. 2 = Increase timed Blessing duration by 50%.
    • Ch. 3 = Unlock a Blessing that calls 4 hidden defenders from the Forest(Defender Blessing).
    • Ch. 4 = Unlock a Blessing that decreases the time for Tactics to be trained in your War Academy(Tactics Blessing).
    • Ch. 5 = Unlock a Blessing that rearms traps triggered in battle(Trap Blessing).

Parliament Laws[]

  • ?



  • Chief Hiawatha
    • Loot Blessing bonus: Loot Blessing effect +1%(5 levels).
    • Loot Blessing bonus II: Loot Blessing effect +1%(5 levels).
  • Sultan Saladin
    • Tower Blessing bonus: Tower Blessing effect +1%(10 levels).
    • Fortification Blessing bonus: Fortification Blessing effect +1%(10 levels).
  • Suleiman the Magnificent
    • Weapon Blessing bonus: Weapon Blessing +1% effect(10 levels).


VIP Bonuses[]


  • In the v2.2x update, Big Huge Games lowered the Animal Blessing duration from ten minutes to five minutes due to balancing. (This is still 10 minutes log currently)