• Elipson 11

    Seeking active editors

    September 30, 2020 by Elipson 11

    I am new to this wiki but an experienced dominations player, I am assesing the health of this site by seeing how many people are actually active one this wiki, If you are reading this please respond by telling me if you still make contributions and how often. 

    Thank you for your cooperation.

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  • Zapper50

    Jedi Alliance (lvl 11) is looking for a few good english speaking players who want an active war team. Fully developed bases for your lvl are encouraged, Regular donations to team members are required, Team chat is via game chat or a preferred off game app, but not required. Come and have some fun and be interactive with us as we grow and advance. Give a shout out to Ogaar or Zapper when you arrive.

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  • Elcuah

    Masive Members is a truly global alliance with participants from all continents, our players are very active and we are more than 40.

    the alliance is active 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, we go war 3 times per week.

    What doy you need to be part of this great alliance?

    1. Be polite and say Hello when you join
    2. Donate as much as you can (and also you will receive a lot of great troops)
    3. Be active (we kick players after 7 days of inactivity, but if you are going to inactive for some period, let's us know)
    4. If you are and advance player, couch the other, if you are a new want ask for advice
    5. Have fun
    6. Be a team player

    Welcome to Masive Members

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  • Richard Watts161

    We’re currently recruiting people to join our War Squad so that we can begin our first War as soon as possible. The aim for our Alliance (The Heathens) is to find people who want to play the game socially and have fun doing it. the current members came from a former alliance where the leaders were rude, abusive and over demanding of the players. Our intention is to create an alliance that is based on cooperation and friendliness where the leaders don’t boss the ally’s around. If we can build up this alliance, we will be doing Wars constantly. We’d love to have you join us and build up our alliance into something formidable.   The Heathens

    Anyone and everybody welcome! We don’t discriminate 😊

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  • Gabrielismo

    Filling in the visuals.

    October 12, 2019 by Gabrielismo

    Some of us are total geeks, and we love to observe details. That's why my first visual edit was in the Heavy Landsknecht page.

    Tell me if there's something wrong (or that I edited something without official permission).

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  • Rhinoceros12

    New Alliance

    August 13, 2019 by Rhinoceros12

    Hi... i'm wakanda, Weaping Angel Alliance

    We are looking for new member and we are aim to the top in several years

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  • Hacksaw77

    Come join MSW

    July 24, 2019 by Hacksaw77

    We are looking for active players. We are level 14 and have been playing this and other games for years. Want players that care but also want to have fun. Come check us out. See you soon, Hacksaw

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  • Shanepemberton

    New alliance

    June 22, 2019 by Shanepemberton

    Hi-want to join a new passionate alliance

    Bellator. I’m Rome the leader and looking to entice some fresh blood into a winning team.

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  • LAMPEN & their Allies


    May 4, 2019 by LAMPEN & their Allies


    The Lampen is an Alliance dedicated to giving you the opportunity (and time), to build your base and strength! We only fight in World Wars bi-monthly! Our simple goal is personal and World War Achievement with heavily focus on PERSONAL!

    If you are frustrated by the singular goals of your LEADER AND C0-LEADER...COME AND JOIN THE “LAMPEN” ALLIANCE! Build your base and reap the benefits!

    Check out just one of our blogs at:

    Also seeking allies with leadership abilities for council and co-leader positions. Not just a hollow title, but with responsibilities!

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  • LAMPEN & their Allies


    Are you getting bored and not liking the Alliance you are in? Are you a competitive player and like the feeling of victory? That sweet feeling of being number one! Does your Alliance go to World War with inactive players just to have enough allies to compete....for just a few active players? Knowing the feeling of total victory will not come? The rewards for a team effort is denied? But, you take the loot and bonuses for now? Do you have allies in your current alliance, that are centered focused for their benefit and not that of the Alliance?

    Have you been thinking about just giving up on DomiNations and try a new and different game? You enjoy DomiNations, but you are ready to through…

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  • Loy Machedo

    This is a rant & complaint the straw that broke the camels back. I have been a hardcore spender on Dominations - spending my hardearned money on Dominations buying their offers, sale & promotions items online - even though all of them have been virtual. 

    How much money?
    Over $10,000 have been spent on this game until now. 

    However, after this one incident, I have decided to stop spending my money on this game and stop supporting Nexon & its developers as it has become a "gambling den" which ensures they will suck the players dry if possible.

    Why do I say this?

    Read on.

    Check the attached picture. - I found not only in bad taste but exceptionally unethical. Here is the comment which I posted on Dominations Groups which I will copy/paste and it wi…

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  • Démøńįč

    Hello Everyone, Our alliance is currently looking to recruit new active players to expand into larger wars. We go to war constantly and would like you to join, any age is welcome. Our requirements for our alliance are as follows: must not be inactive for more than 2 days, respect other members, donate what your request, and no drama! We hope to see you soon. Our Alliance name is Illuminaughty, our Banner is yellow with a toxic symbol, and our header is O’Doyle Rules!

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  • Pmm1018

    My little brother (from Big Brothers / Big Sisters) and I play Dominations. I'm Level 134 and he's Level 93. We have a few others in our alliance, but need just a few more to start doing World Wars. Please join us... PhoenixAlliance (no space). I'm a daily player and am very generous with troop donations. Thanks so much!

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  • Grucy

    Join us

    June 14, 2018 by Grucy

    We are searching for active members to join our team. We are group of people that have been playing together for more than one year, recently decided to start a new challenge. If you want to grow, and to be rewarded for your effort, join us. We promisse to show respect and promote good players in decent time. Type "GLOBAL ARMADA" and we will together make one of strongest alliances in no time ;)

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  • Kagerou783

    Next admin

    May 18, 2018 by Kagerou783

    Since no administrator is alive, another has to take his place.

    I write this blog to apply for be administrator, I may not be the best but I am one of the best ones who are able to be the new administrator (and that are alive).

    Among my goals are to maintain a fair community, increase the number of players on the wiki and make the wiki a place where players can exchange a lot of ideas (much more than before).

    Are you okay with me being the new admin?

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  • Berd21

    Plz Help My Alliance

    April 14, 2018 by Berd21

    I would appreciate it if you could join my alliance, we have 3 members. I am Gunpowder Age and there are Medieval and Classical Agers. The name is Finding Dawae (Don’t ask why). Thank you for your time

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  • Velvetine8

    Admins! Come back!

    April 9, 2018 by Velvetine8

    Hi everyone. Recently, I’ve been seeing a decrease in the amount of admins updating our wiki. If there are any left out there, make some of us (people who contribute and actually help) admins or bureaucrats. We’d update the site more, and we’d help out. Just a thought! :)

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  • Knightrogen

    Alternative Unit

    March 26, 2018 by Knightrogen

    Nice to meet you Watermelon 107, Sorry for responding really late. In term of the admins and Bureaucrats, I don't know or have contact with any of them, so I don't really know why they haven't updating the site, moving on to base design, It all depend on what you want to protect, Resource: most of your food tend to be store in the farm, so if you advice you to collect your farm as much as possible, since your enemy can take 2/3 of you food from your farm,  Ex: 

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  • Bleauey


    March 24, 2018 by Bleauey

    Hi I have couple things. First I have been playing since February 2016 I am a British fresh global age. I love my alliance (only one I have been in) but we have best donations and communication. That being said always looking for experienced and knowledgeable allies to join us. Alliance name is Dogs @ War. Our emblem is the Canadian flag [leader is Canadian] but we are very diverse allies from USA, UNITED KINGDOM, NETHERLANDS, SOUTH AMERICA AND COUPLE OTHER IN EUROPE. WE WAR A MINIMUM OF 3 TIMES A WEEK [U R NOT REQUIRED TO BE IN WARS] MOSTLY HAVE 4 WARS WEEKLY. We are happy to help, we will do everything to grow together, but importantly we love to be criticized so we can get better. With that being said I am a loyal player I am willing to…

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  • Kagerou783

    For me british is the best nation for attack until atomic age because:

    • The British special unit is beyond the range of castles, redoubts and ballista/cannon towers/anti-tank guns because of its added range. It's extended range also means that the castle won't spawn any generals.
    • It can attack deeply through enemy walls. This also makes it an excellent troop donation so it can safely attack enemy infantry behind walls.

    The +1 range is the key and if you use it with a good build you will be deadly in your attacks.

    For late atomic age and Cold War age the nation with the best attack is Germany because +15% damage bonus. since this is when the factory troops come into play (I think that players should not use factory troops until they are in the a…

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  • Amogh1988

    The Resources we get from Shipments are fairly small or rather insignificant 

    Current one oil shipment worth 1 or 2 diamonds which cost 20 crowns give only max 200 oil

    Food Gold we get is around 5000-12000 for 9 Cider or Metal

    There should be significant change in the quantities received as per ages

    At or after Enlightenment  age the rewards should 1% to 2 % of the total capacity making it a wise decision to buy

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  • Amogh1988

    New General

    January 23, 2018 by Amogh1988


    New Generals for Atomic Age and Cold war Age

    Prominent Personalities

    Adolf Hitler or Albert Einestien for Atomic Age

    John Keneddy for Cold War


    Atomic Age - Mk tank General

    Cold war Age - Air plane General


    Should have more attack around 450 for atomic age base and 2500 for cold war

    Hp around  25000 for Hitler and 3000 for Kenedy


    Cannon Towers and Spike traps

    Anti air troops

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  • Loudaddy2002

    ...Look no further.

    Come join the Irish Brigade (Red Flag with White Hand). We're currently at 45, but if we get s'more active people we'll make room for you. All we ask is that you know what you're doing & you can follow directions. 

    We win about 70-80% of our wars right now, but with more consistant quality players I'd like to up it :-)

    See you soon


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  • LaRes.hightymes97

    Hello everyone im in need of little help to find a specific alliance. I know several names of the men/women who apart of this alliance. Their names- Lord harry, sandman, chaos, deadpool, ding, shakinator, ak47, eagle eye, hunter - If anyone knows of these guys or know the alliance im speaking of. Please email me the name of the alliance. ( / (

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  • Tubetopia69

    Dock rewards not loading

    September 28, 2017 by Tubetopia69

    Greetings all --

    Long time listener, first time caller. Is anyone else having issues with dock rewards loading? It only started after the most recent update and I wanted to try to determine if it was an update issue or a local issue.

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  • King Oskar

    Good day, everyone. I am a very big fan of DomiNations, if you want to be specific, I was playing since November 2015 or so. I have bought both Starter Packs and payed quite a lot of money into microtransactions. Anyway, to the point: I have been gathering pictures and screenshots of event buildings or unique buildings as the game referes to them like Fuel Depot, Bazooka Tower, French Consulate, Long House, Samurai Stable, Janissarry Barracks, Ninja Dojo, Aztec Temple and much, much more. As a proof, I am showing this picture, or collage, of these Event buildings. I don't have a clear screenshot of every one of them but right now I have a Long House in my inventory from the recent event so I can make clear screenshots. I am also the guy wh…

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  • MichaelTaylor23

    I am going to clean the house, mow the lawn, and play a whole crud ton of DomiNations while filling out information on the DomiNations Wikia.

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  • RedJava

    Outdated Home Page

    June 2, 2017 by RedJava

    The home page has looked quite outdated as it looks shabby and unprofessional. We need someone who could fix up the page to quality standards in order to make it comfortable and easier for newcomers to access info.

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  • Xiestone1992

    I played this game for more than half of years. 

    To be honest, My first language is not English and It causes some understanding problems for me during my playing time. 

    Although I tried my best to learn more words ,grammar and sentences, I still need to spend a lot of time on finding word's meaning in dictionary when I play this game. It makes me a little bit upset. 


    However, I really want I am able to play this game without any understanding problems and It will help me a lot to make my little game-country stronger than ever before.

    I knew that I can find the chinese language if I downaload this game in Hong Kong version. But I love to play with USA people.

    That's it.




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  • The United Nations

    New Nation: Turkey

    September 4, 2016 by The United Nations

    I have been playing Dominations since it has nearly came out. So far they have only added one new nation, Korea, and there has not been anymore sinse. I think Turkey could be a great nation to add to DomiNations, for the fact that there isn't a Middle East Nation for players to play, and the fact there are a lot of Turk players on DomiNations.

    Turkey through out of history has been involved with war and trade. I say that Turkey should have:

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  • Atlantis536

    The reason I put this blog post into two parts is that because Native America, Colonial America and America are the same country, but different ages.

    Building Style: Mesoamerican

    Unit Style: Mesoamerican

    Strategy: Economic

    • Decreased hunting speed by 20% or Increased hunting yield by 15%
    • Increased storehouse capacity by 40%

    Native American units will replace standard ranged units. Will have +2 range but a measly +1.5% damage.

    Iron Age: Hunter

    Classical Age: Heavy Hunter

    Medieval Age: Elite Hunter

    Building Style: North European

    Unit Style: North European

    Strategy: Economic

    • Decreased hunting speed by 20% or Increased hunting yield by 15%
    • Increased storehouse capacity by 40%

    Colonial American units will replace standard ranged units. Will have +2 range but …

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  • DomiNations Battles

    Hello DomiNations Wikia Community,

    Someone suggested that we write a blog about our tournaments so here it is.

    This is a short blog about how we came up with the idea for our third scoring parameter for DNations Ally Wars. When we started the tournament, we knew that an additional scoring parameter was needed with Nexon existing calculations which included Stars Earned and Average Destruction.  The original idea was to base 20% of the alliance score on how well their opponent did in World War.  If the opponent did well, then it was a worthy match, and the alliance would gain more points.  After Battle 1 in S1W1, we realized that the third parameter can easily be manipulated by the alliance.  For example, alliances can rearrange their bases s…

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  • Atlantis536

    The Central Asians

    March 8, 2016 by Atlantis536

    Building Style: Northern Oreintak

    Unit Style: Northern Oriental

    Strategy: Economic/Offensive

    • Increased Mill, Market, Oil Refinery health/capacity by 10/15/20 %
    • Decreased Blessing cost/Temple upgrades by 15/20/25/40 %
    • Decreased Raider train/upgrade cost by 25%, or increased Raider strength by a small amount, from either 5-15%

    Central Asian unique units will replace standard horse raiders. Will have 400% (4x) more health but 150% (1.5x) less movement speed.

    Iron Age: Elephant Raider

    Classical Age: Heavy Elephant Raider

    Medieval Age: Elite Elephant Raider

    Gunpowder Age: Gun Elephant

    Enlightenment Age: Cannon Elephant

    Industrial Age: Elephant/Asian Light Tank

    Global Age: Elephant/Asian Tank

    Space Age: Elephant/Asian Heavy Tank

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  • Kennguyen.nvt
    • Cộng đồng DomiNations Việt Nam
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  • Atlantis536

    The Mali Empire

    February 23, 2016 by Atlantis536

    Building Style: African

    Unit Style: African

    Strategy: Economic

    • Shipments cost only 5 crowns
    • Caravans, Farms and Oil Wells are boosted 15%. Market, Mill and Refinery health is raised by 20%
    • + 1 collector limit.

    Malian unique units will replace standard horse raiders. Will have 40% more health and 35% more damage.

    Iron Age: Skirmisher

    Classical Age: Horse Archer

    Medieval Age: Heavy Horse Archer

    Gunpowder Age: Cavalry Archer

    Enlightenment Age: Sofa

    Industrial Age: Swaar (Afrikaans for heavy infantry)

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  • Atlantis536

    New Nation Ideas

    December 30, 2015 by Atlantis536

    Building Style North European
    Unit Style North European
    Strategy Offensive and Economic
    • +1 house limit. Get extra 2 houses starting Gunpowder Age.
    • Get a 20% speed and 5% damage boost after winning an attack. This increases by 1% speed and 5% damage each streak (max of 100% speed and 100% damage boost)


    • Extra Houses gain extra citizens, giving you the chance to do a lot of things at the same time. The Chinese only give 1 extra citizen per age.
    • The speed and damage boost, called Civil War surpasses the Koreans' 40% damage boost.
    • Their unique unit is one of the most resilient of the Cavalry units.


    • No defensive bonuses.
    • The Strength of the Gladiator tactic gives 200% speed boost, compared to the speed bonus which has a max of 100%.
    • You have to wi…

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  • Mr. RTS

    I don't know when, but some time, a large influx of players will come. Here we shall have a revitalized fanbase.

    This may not be of importance to dedicated Dominators,but I have seen many a player from Clash of Clans declaring that their latest update was a sham, and hopefully, they'll migrate here. Hopefully some people who have respect for wikias (and not troll by adding useless information to pages -_-).

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  • Mr. RTS

    Hello wikia users, FroggKilla here to report his opinion. No, I don't like to hear myself talk.

    First of all, Cleopatra is not a legitimate general. Though it is a good thing to include co-ed generals, I would've found Joan of Arc more suitable for this job. Here are some reasons why:

    • Cleopatra was only a ruler. If anything, her second husband Marc Antony did all of the leading when defending Egypt from Octavian (later known as Caesar Augustus), though failed.
    • Most other generals had actual success, like Joan of Arc. She had led the French people to liberate it from England's grasp. Though the longbow wasn't so hard to figure out how to make and hire an archer to train.
    • We could have both... If we were living in the past. We are currently in t…

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  • RedJava

    Name Suggestions

    November 30, 2015 by RedJava

    Since the names BHG gave to some unique units weren't historical, here are some suggestions.

    Gunpowder Age unit: Grenadier/Coldstream Guard (Misconception is that Yeomanry applies to volunteer cavalry regiments by yeomen)

    Enlightenment Age unit: Grenadier (if Grenadier is not chosen as a Gunpowder Age unit)/Royal Grenadier/Highlander/Coldstream Guard (if Coldstream Guard is not chosen as a Gunpowder Age unit); (Misconception above)

    Medieval Age unit: Fire Lance (Fire Lances were extremely common in China in the Medieval Age and are used by Song Dynasty troops against the Mongols)

    Gunpowder Age unit: Heavy Fire Lance (Misconception is that the Fire Dragon is actually a manual about gunpowder weapon ideas of the early Ming Dynasty)

    Enlightenment …

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  • Mr. RTS

    After a year? Many months? Whatever. I am back to help contribute, but I won't be on for much (I picked a bunch of hard classes for my senior year).

    Also: I won't be editing my blogs. They're pretty much dead. Unless you want me to edit such.

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  • RedJava


    October 3, 2015 by RedJava

    My prayers goes to the victims of the Oregon shooting. They died because they were Christians (The shooter asked anyone who was Christian to stand up; 10 did; and got shot in the head; those who didn't got shot in the leg.) And those who panicked of the shooting; my hearts goes onto them and thank the Lord for protecting them. I hope for the victims that they can find tranquility and peace with our Father in Heaven

    TehChristianCrusader (talk) 00:58, October 3, 2015 (UTC)

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  • RedJava

    Nation Ideas

    September 30, 2015 by RedJava

    Building Style: North European

    Unit Style: North European

    Strategy: Defensive/Offensive

    • Attrition damage by 1% per second for the units of the attacker until all defenses are destroyed.
    • Increases maximum army size by 5%.

    Russian unique units will replace standard heavy cavalry. Will have 30% more damage but 10% less health.

    Iron Age: Dvor Lancer

    Classical Age: Elite Dvor Lancer

    Medieval Age: Rusiny Lancer

    Gunpowder Age: Cossack

    Enlightenment Age: Elite Cossack

    Industrial Age: Poplavko-Jeffrey Armored Truck

    Global Age: T-26 Tank

    Space Age: T-80 Tank

    Building Style: Mediterranean

    Unit Style: South European

    Strategy: Offensive

    • Shows location of goods hidden in forests.
    • The Scout Tactic allows you to select an area to see hidden traps in the enemy's base.


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  • RedJava

    Another Nation Idea IV

    September 27, 2015 by RedJava

    Building Style: Western Oriental

    Unit Style: Western Oriental

    Strategy: Economic

    • 10% more income from farms
    • Farms generate 20 gold income. Increases by 10 each age.

    Egyptian unique units would replace standard raiders. Raiders are 15% more faster and 5% more health.

    Iron Age: Chariot

    Classical Age: Royal Chariot

    Medieval Age: Mamluk Bow Cavalry

    Gunpowder Age: Mameluke

    Enlightenment Age: Royal Mameluke

    Industrial Age: Shaturnal Gunners

    Global Age: EIFV

    Space Age: Royal EIFV

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  • RedJava

    Another Nation Idea III

    September 19, 2015 by RedJava

    Building Style: Mesoamerican

    Unit Style: Mesoamerican

    Strategy: Offensive

    • 10% more loot stolen
    • Receive 1,000 gold from military buildings per hour. Increases 500 per age.

    Aztec/Mexican unique units will replace standard ranged infantry. Will have 10% more moving speed and 10% more attack speed.

    Iron Age: Atl-Atls

    Classical Age: Royal Atl-Atls

    Medieval Age: Eagle Runner

    Gunpowder Age: Arquebus Runner

    Enlightenment Age: Federal Guard

    Industrial Age: Constitutional Guard

    Global Age: Jaguar Infantry

    Space Age: Elite Jaguar Infantry

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  • RedJava

    Another Nation Idea II

    September 19, 2015 by RedJava

    Building Style: Mediterranean

    Unit Style: South European

    Strategy: Offensive

    • Shows location of goods hidden in forests.
    • The Scout Tactic allows you to select an area to see hidden traps in the enemy's base.

    Spanish unique units will replace standard heavy infantry. Will have 5% more moving speed and 5% more health.

    Iron Age: Scutari

    Classical Age: Royal Scutari

    Medieval Age: Tercio

    Gunpowder Age: Elite Tercio

    Enlightenment Age: Cassador

    Industrial Age: Republican Guard

    Global Age: Regulares

    Space Age: Royal Regulares

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  • RedJava

    MacArthur is coming to Japan!

    September 15, 2015 by RedJava

    At September 14, 2015, DomiNations' Facebook page has released a new general; General Douglas MacArthur.

    It said, "General MacArthur was a five-star general in the American army and played a large role in three major wars: the Western Front of World War I, the Pacific theater of World War II, and led the United Nations Command in the Korean War. He famously returned to the Philippines, and soon he is coming to DomiNations!"

    The image shows General MacArthur holding a machinge gun and is in a Sherman tank.

    DomiNations had not released any statistics on the general yet.

    Instead of MacArthur, I would of chosen General George Smith Patton Jr., a great general in fending off the Germans. Also, it would be Patton on a Sherman tank and not MacArthur …

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  • Sturmgewehr88

    Building style: Oriental-Ryukyuan

    Unit style: Oriental-Ryukyuan

    Strategy: offensive/defensive

    Maritime Fortress

    • 20% more gold from caravans
    • 10 extra walls, +5 per Age

    Ryukyuan unique units replace assault infantry and have 15% more health.

    Wears traditional Ryukyuan clothes and a headband.

    Uses a wakizashi.

    Wears traditional Ryukyuan clothes, light armor, and a hat.

    Uses a wakizashi.

    Wears armor and a hat.

    Uses a pike.

    Wears armor and a helmet.

    Uses a fire lance (melee range).

    Wears heavy armor and a helmet.

    Uses a three-barrel hand cannon.

    Wears heavy armor and a stylized hat.

    Uses a musket.

    Wears a uniform and a hat.

    Uses a rifle.

    Wears a modern uniform and a helmet.

    Uses an assault rifle.

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  • RedJava

    Another Nation Idea

    September 10, 2015 by RedJava

    Building Style: North European

    Unit Style: North European

    Strategy: Defensive/Offensive

    • Attrition damage by 1% per second for the units of the attacker until all defenses are destroyed.
    • Increases maximum army size by 5%.

    Russian unique units will replace standard heavy cavalry. Will have 30% more damage but 10% less health.

    Iron Age: Dvor Lancer

    Classical Age: Elite Dvor Lancer

    Medieval Age: Rusiny Lancer

    Gunpowder Age: Cossack

    Enlightenment Age: Elite Cossack

    Industrial Age: Poplavko-Jeffrey Armored Truck

    Global Age: T-26 Tank

    Space Age: T-80 Tank

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  • RedJava


    August 26, 2015 by RedJava

    Hello there! I am Teh Christian Crusader! It is nice to get an account and meet y'all.

    I was at first an anonymous Wikia contributor but after a few hundreed of contributions; I thought why not have an account? So I did and walaa. So hello Wikia. I am very excited to make a lot of edits in this Wiki.

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  • Mr. RTS

    Hello again. You know me. Ok let's get to work.

    Ok, so we have 7 nations now. Well here are some criteria to the nations:

    • Famous Nations (yes there are more than 7 nations. That's why you are here.)
    • Nation must survive the test of time. (Really only Rome didn't survive this. Pretty much evolved into Italy)

    I don't know if you want these nations added, but I will come up with new/reworked nations.

    Note: Keep in mind that the entire game is like Clash. Just grind to build/research. Nations and Wonders were designed to enhance your game style. You like to have a strong base? I'd suggest Japan/China along with Acropolis/Colosseum/Versailles or Angkor Wat. Want to attack better? Play as Germany with (Insert favorite Bronze Age wonder here)/Terra Cot…

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