• Xiangyu
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  • Timothy Haas

    Network error

    May 2, 2015 by Timothy Haas

    This causes the application to crash and it resulted in the application ceasing to work. Once I was able to reenter the application, I found that I was at -2984 crows

    Has anyone has anyone else experienced the same issue? There has been no response from any the teammates.

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  • Sturmgewehr88

    My playthrough

    April 20, 2015 by Sturmgewehr88

    So now that I'm familiar with the game, I feel comfortable playing. It has the same feel as Clash of Clans and Boom Beach, but it also has a touch of Civilization. I'm currently playing as the Japanese and am in the Classical era. I hope this Wikia will achieve the standards at the Boom Beach Wikia.

    Wow, forgot I had this. Well now I'm in the Gunpowder Age, finding it hard to get the resource requirements for these high-cost upgrades. My alliance has only two members including myself, and I'm working on getting into the Gold league.

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    Social Medias

    April 18, 2015 by

    So... I was wondering if anybody wanted to communicate with each other in another website, so I made this to help. Comment your social media usernames and stuff like that.



    Winston Li



    Winston Li

    1 friend (almost forever alone?)

    Google+ (who uses this anymore?):

    Winston Li (Winston7220)

    Comment below your social media information!

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  • Jerome5139

    Rule of Editing

    April 7, 2015 by Jerome5139

    Recently, I edited the Strategies page. But I found something. There were grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitilization, overused contractions, overused capitals, overused commas, and overused "and"s. I might have not covered all of them, but if you know your grammar/capitalization/punctuation is bad or you like to overuse a certain word, do NOT edit any pages because that will just make it harder for other people. I took like 15 minutes editing and deleting words, apostrophes, commas, so just stop if you're bad at any of those and start editing when you're actually good. And also, I'm just 8. I can't do much. So can you help me by following this rule that I made? Good.

    Because the Strategies page is not classified as an 'official' page, it …
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  • Seanchow806Napoleonic

    When I first played this new game. At first in bronze age, I cannot decide which nation I picked depending on my Osprey Publishing Series that I have, so I give it a go for the British nation and the Chinese nation will save for in the basement.

    My favourite type of government was Federal Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy and culture was Chinese and British. In Nuevo Colombia, I started to build a new nation in the continent of Columbia with the Chinese Imperial system and British Constitutional Monarchy that I can mediate them.

    I built my British-trained Imperial Army with Prussian Specialist Troops including General Staff in a slow but steadily process. I already build up the Constitutional Monarchy, but I really need the Chinese imper…

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