Supersonic Bomber

Supersonic Bomber Mk.6 is currently the highest level of Bombers available in the game.

“Makes a powerful bombing run along a line. To deploy your aircraft, tap any building and unit in the enemy's base. When they've finished their attack, they may be redeployed.”

Bombers are the second type of air unit to use in the game DomiNations. They're unlocked by upgrading the Airstrip to level 2 in the Industrial Age.

General Information Edit

This unit Bombs enemy structures for heavy damage. Vulnerable to enemy anti-air guns. Once an air unit is used, you will only keep it if you are able to demolish all enemy defensive buildings.

The bombing route line is made from the nearest map edge. This is extremely relevant and often difficult to understand as you need to make sure that the flight path is safe without anti air towers.

They are excellent in taking down enemy defensive structures like Anti-Tank Guns and others. It can destroy multiple buildings in a row of an area of around 6 tiles. So ideally you can destroy 3 defensive buildings with one run (one in front of the targeted building and one behind it).

They do 1/10 damage against Town Center and Air Defense, use other units to target these buildings. They have a limited health and they fly slower than Fighters, thus have extra caution with a safe flight path. This unit takes 2 Air Space.

Tip! The Forbidden City does not count as a Town Center and you can destroy it with single bombing run.

Tip! Against enemy Towers you can send Bombers to take Towers down and then send Fighter Planes after it to suppress the Tower right before your Bombers arrive at the Tower.

Visuals Edit

Statistics Edit

Bomber Statistics
Name Age Airstrip Level HP Health icon DPS Damage DPS vs Town Center and Air Defenses Damage Cost Oil icon Upgrade Cost Oil icon Upgrade Time Clock Experience Gain Exp
Zeppelin Mk.1 Industrial Age 2 1,863 22,500 2,250320 - - -
Zeppelin Mk.2 1,925 23,176 2,31734070,0004d1,112
Zeppelin Mk.3 1,980 23,874 2,38735575,000
Airship Mk.1 2,036 24,234 2,42337580,0005d1,258
Airship Mk.2 2,098 24,598 2,45939085,000
Airship Mk.3 2,160 24,966 2,49641095,000
Bomber Mk.1 Global Age 3 2,270 26,559 2,655475160,0006d1,390
Bomber Mk.2 2,374 27,740 2,774540170,000
Bomber Mk.3 2,484 29,030 2,903600180,000
Bomber Mk.4 2,608 30,481 3,048660190,0001,395
Bomber Mk.5 2,746 32,009 3,200725200,000
Bomber Mk.6 2,891 33,609 3,360800210,000
Heavy Bomber Mk.1 Atomic Age 4 3,188 36,969 3,696840220,0007d1,515
Heavy Bomber Mk.2 3,478 40,344 4,034880230,000
Heavy Bomber Mk.3 3,767 43,693 4,369925240,000
Heavy Bomber Mk.4 3,968 45,879 4,587970242,500
Heavy Bomber Mk.5 4,175 48,172 4,8171,020245,000
Heavy Bomber Mk.6 4,388 50,579 5,0571,070250,000
Strategic Bomber Mk.1 Cold War Age 5 4,608 53,106 5,3101,100255,0007d 12h1,575
Strategic Bomber Mk.2 4,828 55,639 5,5631,130260,000
Strategic Bomber Mk.3 5,046 58,165 5,8161,170265,000
Strategic Bomber Mk.4 5,299 61,074 6,1071,210265,0008d1,630
Strategic Bomber Mk.5 5,564 64,130 6,4131,240
Strategic Bomber Mk.6 5,842 67,332 6,7331,265
Supersonic Bomber Mk.1 Space Age 6 6,134 70,699 7,069 ? ? ?d1,685
Supersonic Bomber Mk.2 6,442 74,234 7,423 ?
Supersonic Bomber Mk.3 6,764 77,948 7,794 ?
Supersonic Bomber Mk.4 7,105 81,848 8,184 ? ? ?d ?
Supersonic Bomber Mk.5 7,460 85,941 8,594 ?
Supersonic Bomber Mk.6 7,834 90,241 9,024 ?

The DPS above base on 0.5s time between fire

Boosts Edit

The Aviation technology at the Library confers these bonuses to Bombers.

  • Chapter 2 : Increase Bombers Attack by 10%
  • Chapter 5 : +10% Aircraft health

Amelia Earhart at the University confers these bonuses to the Bombers:

  • Aircraft Upgrade Cost: -5% upgrade resource costs for Aircraft (5 levels).
  • Bombers Damage: +3% damage of Bomber aircraft (10 levels).
  • Bombers Hitpoints: +6% hitpoints of Bomber aircraft (5 levels).

The Statue of Liberty wonder confers these bonuses to the Bombers:

  • Airstrip units damage: +20%
  • The Heritage at the Library Chapter 1 increases this airstrip units damage bonus from +20% to +22%.
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