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“I am fighting as an ordinary person for my lost freedom, my bruised body, and my outraged daughters.”

General Information[]

The Defiant Queen

Historical Description[]

Boudica was the Queen to a country called Iceni, now referred to as modern day Norfolk, alongside her husband, King Prasutagus. They ruled Iceni as an independent ally of Rome, however, when Prasutagus died between 40-60 AD, the Roman Emperor Nero ignored the late king's requests to remain independent. The Emperor treated the remaining family members utterly horribly, and the entire land was annexed.

To say the people of Iceni were upset would be an understatement. Boudica and her people, alongside newfound allies of Trinovantes, created an army nearly 120,000 strong to fight off the Romans. They marched and quickly retook a Roman colony, as well as decapitating a bronze statue of Emperor Nero. Shortly after the overwhelming victory at the colony, Rome attempted to seize the land again, but the troops fell quickly at the feet of Boudica's furious army. The colony was burned to the ground, and Boudica moved her troops to two more settlements, and continued exacting her and her peoples' revenge.

Enraged by previous failures, a Roman administrator regrouped his forces one last time, and though according to history his men were greatly outnumbered, he crushed the rebel forces. Boudica was never captured by the Romans, and because of that, her death is a bit of a mystery. Some historians believe she poisoned herself to avoid capture by the Romans, while others believe she simply passed from sickness. She is largely impactful in British history and has been called 'The Guardian of the Hearth' and 'The Avenger of Wrongs'.

Councilor Benefits[]


Boudica offers a potential defensive War Committee bonus.

Primary Chamber Seats[]

Benefits Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary
Ranged Siege Damage +1% +3% +6% +12% +20%
All Resources Looted +1% +2% +4% +8%
Invading Bazooka Damage -6% -10% -15%
Bazooka Attack Speed +10% +15%
Guerrilla Damage +12%

War Chamber Seats[]

Benefits Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary
Ranged Siege Damage +1% +3% +6% +12% +20%
Coalition Troop Damage +3% +5% +9% +15%
Invading Bazooka HP -5% -9% -14%
Invading Generals' Damage -8% -14%
All Defensive Tower Damage and HP +6%