Multi-Purpose City
Buildings are structures in DomiNations that can do many functions that help the player and is one of the backbones of the game. There are six types of buildings; Economic, Military, Defensive, Wonders, Other, and Miscellaneous. Each type are used for specific purposes that can help players conquer the world.

Economic BuildingsEdit

Economic City

Economic Buildings help create the infrastructure of the city and creates and stores resources.

Resource Buildings Edit

Other Economic Buildings Edit

  • Archive - A building that allow you using Manuals and SpeedsUps
  • House - A building that increases citizen population by 2.
  • Estate - A building that increases citizen population by 3, but must be purchased with real money; cannot be bought with in-game currency.
  • Library - A building used for researching Technologies and boosts.
  • Temple - A building that players can get Blessings from for a limited amount of time.
  • University - A building where players can research Great Leaders to help their town and military for a price of a few citizens and some Food, Gold or Oil
  • Vault - A building that stores resources so enemies can't steal them from you.

Non Destructible Resource Buildings Edit

  • Fruit Tree - A building that produces Food and Cider. They can be collected every 1-2 hours(varies by age).
  • Gold Mine - A building that produces Gold and Metal. They can be collected every 1-2 hours(varies by age).
  • Road - A route that produces Gold. More Gold is produced if more buildings are connected to it.

Defensive BuildingsEdit

Defensive City

Defensive buildings, like the name says, help defend the city from invaders.

Tower-Type Buildings Edit

Defender-Spawning Buildings Edit

Barriers Edit

  • Gate - A structure that allows defenders to move through walls to attack invaders.
  • Wall - A structure to keep the enemy out of the city.
  • Bastion - A formidable blockade that help to keep enemies out. When a Bastion is destroyed, Rubble appears and slows invaders that enter its area of effect.


  • Ambush Trap - A trap that surprises invaders with Heavy Infantry.
  • Armored Ambush Trap - A trap that surprises invaders with an Assault Fighting Vehicle.
  • Caltrops / Barbed Wire - A trap that slows down invaders.
  • Claymore - A trap that damages all enemies in a large cone in whatever direction they are first triggered.
  • Decoy Trap - A trap that draws the attacker’s fire to this phony target.
  • Spike Trap / Land Mine - A trap that surprises invaders with spikes and do large damage against units.
  • S.A.M. Battery - A trap that surprises enemy aircraft with missiles.
  • Signal Flare - A trap that alerts defending troops and instantly spawn a bonus wave of temporarily boosted defenders from all nearby Garrisons, Stables, and Bunkers.

Military BuildingsEdit

Military buildings produce Troops for armies.


Main Article: Wonders

Wonders give boosts, advantages, and bonuses to help players collect, defend, build, and attack more efficiently. You can only pick one wonder out of a select group per age.

Other BuildingsEdit

Other Buildings do not affiliate with any other category.

  • Alliance Gate - A building where players can join alliances and have donated alliance troops stored.
  • Crown Dock - is a second shipyard that allows you to buy a Crown Pass.
  • Embassy - A building that let's you buy Coalitions with National Trade Goods that help during World Wars.
  • Marco Polo / Travelling Merchant - A building that periodically visits your town and offers you his wares.
  • Museum - A building that allows you to repair and expose artifacts that enhance your city.
  • Shipyard - Lets you send citizens on Expeditions for great rewards!
  • Town Center / City Center - A building where players can advance into the next age.

Note: Except the Town Center / City Center, all the other buildings in this particular category are built (excluding Marco Polo) only once at the fixed locations outside the base (nomatter your base layout), and aren't one of the attack targets in the battle.

Event Buildings Edit

Event Buildings are temporary buildings taken from Events, Chest or bought from Sales Window. Most of them will l

ast 7 days once placed. As 7.1 update, the game allows you to have up to 3 of these Limited Time Buildings placed at once, one of each type of bulidings. There are 3 types of buildings: Offensive, Defensive and Special.

The buildings available are stored in inventory. If you want to replace an existing same type of Buildings, you can tap destroy button on existing buildings. The existing Buildings will be destroyed, no matter how much time left it have, without any resource refunded. Only Event Buildings have this button.

Offensive Buildings
Barracks-Factory Unit Type Airstrip Unit Type Other Type
Regular + Tower Type Defensive + Defenders Spawning
Mercenary Unit Type

General Unit Type

Offensive Tactic

Defensive Buildings Special Buildings

Defenders Spawning Buildings

Tower Type Defensive Buildings

Economic Buildings

Blessing Enhancement + Barrack Unit Trainig + Defender Spawning Buildings

Troop Tactics Producing Buildings

Miscellaneous Edit

Miscellaneous things that are only kind of buildings.

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