“Bunny pelts can be sold for gold. Or you could let the nice bunny hop around.”

Description Edit

Bunnies are Wildlife that appear around the outside of the town and can be hunted for gold.

When hunted there is a chance to obtain Fur.

Hounds Chapter 2 increases chance of finding Fur and leather by 20pp.

Bunnies give the least amount of gold compared to other animals that can be hunted for gold.

Statistics Edit

  • Hunting time is 10s.
  • Citizens required is 1.
Age Harvest Amount Gold icon Chance at Fur
Dawn ~50 10%
Stone ~75 10%
Bronze ~100 20%
Iron ~20020%
Classical ~400 20%
Medieval ~800 20%
Gunpowder ~110020%
Enlightenment ~2200 20%
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