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“This heavy air transport air drops an Armored Car, which is a durable vehicle that focuses on raiding enemy resources. Armored Car don't trigger troop-spawning buildings like Garrisons.To use the C-119 Flying Boxcar, tap the location where you want the Armored Car to air drop. If the transport survives, it will return to base to begin loading up another Armored Car.”

The C-119 Flying Boxcar is an Event Troop from Operation Husky Event, NATO Hangar / C-119 Hangar, Chest or Sales that can be used as Troop Tactics. Unlike the common Transport, it drops armored cars instead of Paratroopers.

General Information[]

  • C-119 Flying Boxcars are unlocked in Operation Husky!'s or NATO Hanger's step 1 and step 3.
  • C-119 Flying Boxcars are produced in the C-119 Hangar.
  • Like a Transport, The C-119 Flying Boxcar can deploy a unit on a spot where to go. The unit would drop with a parachute onto the region and attack ground buildings when it lands.
  • The C-119 Flying Boxcar deploys Armored Cars; unlike regular Transports with Paratrooper Infantry.
  • The C-119 Flying Boxcar itself cannot attack and therefore, defenseless on its own.
  • The C-119 Flying Boxcar is weak against anti-air defensive buildings like the Tower.

Historical Description[]

The Farchild C-119 - nicknamed the "Flying Boxcar" for its ungainly profile - was a multirole military transport incorporating lessons learned from earlier Farchild cargo planes to maximize carrying capacity and performance. The aircraft was developed in Hagerstown, Maryland and saw service from the late 1940s through the early 1970s, primarily as a troop and equipment transport.

In one demonstration of its impressive capabilities during the Korean War, Flying Boxcars parachuted an entire bridge in eight sections to retreating UN troops with their backs against a river, enabling them to complete the withdrawal and saving the units from being overrun. Farchild eventually built a gunship version based on the airframe, called the AC-119G Shadow, which saw service throughout the Vietnam War, even when this war ended in 75s. Many C-119s ended their service life as airtankers fighting wildfires well into the 1980s.


  • The Armored Car the C-119 Flying Boxcar deploys is the Rolls-Royce Armored Car, a light four-wheel British armored vehicle.


Level Health Health icon Armored Car

Damage per Second Damage

Armored Car

Health Health icon

Training Cost
1 708 359 3,276 3,000 Food
2 816 374 3,354 ?
3 1,080 484 3,432 ?
4 1,800 499 3,510 ?
5 2,400 675 3,900 580 Oil icon
6 3,540 741 4,485 ?
7 4,080 815 5,161 ?
8 4,692 9,37 5,936 725 Oil icon


The Unit will have all Transports Boosts acquired.

The Deployed Unit will have all Armored car Boosts acquired.