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“This heavy air transport airdrops Sheridan Tanks, a diminutive delicately armored tank with a powerful main gun.”

The C-130 Transport is an Event Troop from Events, Chest or Sales that can be used as Troop Tactics.

General Information[]

C-130 is a strong aircraft that fly in and drops 3 Sheridan Tanks onto the battlefield. The C-130 transport itself is defenseless and could be shot down easily by air defenses, but the Sheridan Tank dropped in is heavily armored and deals a good damage.

The C-130 Transport was introduced during the 2018 Summer for Ages event.

Historical Description[]

In airlift missions, the C-130 primarily carries out tactical duties. The C-130 can accommodate a variety of troops, equipment, and oversized cargo due to its wide aft positioned loading ramp and door. This transport plane can carry and airdrop loads up to 42,000 pounds and with its configurable high flotation landing gear it can airdrop cargo in a variety of rough conditions. It has even dropped the Sheridan Tank at low altitudes!

The M551 Sheridan was a light tank produced for the U.S. Army from the late 1960s until 1996. It was capable of being parachuted from aircraft like the C-130 while sporting a heavy main gun that could launch massive 152mm shells or Shillelagh guided missiles. Although the Sheridan Tank has been decommissioned, many variations of the C-130 are still in service today. The newest addition to the C-130 family is the C-130] that is capable of climbing faster and higher than the original C-130s.


Level Health Health icon Sheridan Tank

Damage per Second Damage

Sheridan Tank

Health Health icon

Training Cost
1 708 26 1,634 -
7 3,740 346 9,339 -
8 5,161 292 10,961 -


The Unit will have all Transports Boosts acquired.