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“These support units restore health to injured or damaged troops, allowing them to sustain the attack for a longer duration. Heavy cavalry and generals are healed for 3 times as much.”

The Captain's Supply Vehicle II is a level 13 Supply Vehicle unlocked in the Automation Age. It is researched in the level 17 Armory.

General Information[]

  • The Captain's Supply Vehicle II heals the damaged troop that is close to it by throwing supplies at it. They will continually throw supplies at the damaged troop until it is fully healed.
  • The supplies the Captain's Supply Vehicle II throws can also heal troops that are close to the target troop that is supplied to.
  • If all the troops have full health, the Captain's Supply Vehicle II would remain stationary unless a troop gets damaged.
  • Captain's Supply Vehicle II cannot attack and therefore are defenseless.
  • They move faster than most troops and gain more speed during a rally.

Historical Description[]

In 2014, KrAZ of Ukraine partnered with Streit Group of Canada in developing an all-terrain, mine-resistant transport. This partnership produced the Shrek One, also known as the KrAZ MPV TC. The transport has several variations, most notably the Shrek One AMB. This ambulance variant hosts two crew members, two medics, and up to four stretchers accompanied by essential medical equipment needed in most emergencies.

The Shrek One AMB can navigate through bombed-out frontlines, and its 380 horsepower diesel engine allows it to reach combat areas up to 1000 km far away. These were requirements of this type of vehicle, as bombed and mined battlefields often create uneven, hazardous, even swamp-like terrain.

Shrek One was met with such positivity that Streit Group of Canada and KrAZ of Ukraine developed a second, larger, mine-resistant truck. This project was officially revealed in 2015, and was named Feona.

Note: the historical description doesn't change since Automation Age unit upgrade.

Attack Strategies[]

  • Since Honored Supply Convoy cannot attack and are defenseless, use Elite Infantry or Honored SMG to defend them and cover them from enemies and defences.
  • Honored Supply Convoy only heal

the closest damaged troop. If you want them to heal a troop that is badly damaged and distances away, try to recall by rally your troops to a safe spot so your Supply Convoy can heal it.

  • During an attack, watch out for sniper towers as they tend to take the supply convoys which most of the time stand behind your troops
  • If you practice the 2 or 3 corner attack, divide your supply convoy among the troops as placing them all in one corner would get them moving to the other