“Caravans travel the world and bring back gold. More caravans, more gold!”

Levels Edit

General InformationEdit

  • The Caravan is unlocked in the Bronze Age and generates Gold that the player can collect. It is the same as the Farm except that the Caravan generates Gold, instead of Food.
  • The Caravan travels around on the Roads in the game.
  • When a town is under attack, the Caravans will drop their Gold onto random spots of the Road.
  • The Gold collected and the Gold capacity is increased when you upgrade the Caravan.

Visual Differences Edit

  • A newly purchased Caravan has a camel ridden by a man with a shave, and behind the man are a few pots, likely filled with the gold the Caravan has collected.
  • Caravans do have a weakness. Unlike farms, which can be placed inside and secured by walls, caravans move wherever there are roads, and sometimes off roads, and through walls, meaning that they will move outside of the protection of your walls. When enemy units deploy, they will drop their gold wherever they were and run for the town centre, possibly leaving your gold outside of your walls.
  • When upgraded, the Caravan has the man have a blue tunic, and there are more pots behind him, and there is a sack on the side of the camel.
  • Level 3 Caravans have even more pots, and the man gets a orange tunic. There are also two sticks at the back of the pots, with one shorter than the other. There is also a red carpet with black trim on the camel's back, though this is only easily visible when the Caravan is being upgraded. More objects are added to the side of the camel.
  • Level 4 Caravans replace the pots with spherical objects, and the man gets a bright blue tunic. The sticks are replaced by tubes. Also, the objects on the side of the camel are removed, revealing the carpet.
  • Level 5 Caravans gain a red stripe down the camel's head, the man gets a light gray hat. The spheres are replaced by a single gold box.
  • Level 6 Caravans gain a gray cover, supported by a pair of poles. The gold box is replaced by a brown one. There is also a light brown sac on the side of the camel.
  • Level 7 Caravans replace the gray cover with a yellow one, and a blue strip replaces the red one, and the box is replaced by a basket filled with gray objects. The carpet is replaced by a blue one. The sac becomes darker.
  • Level 8 Caravans have their cover get a red trim, and the carpet is trimmed with yellow and red, and the strip of cloth becomes yellow on the half closet to the man. The reins gain three small tubes, that are red on the top quarter, and orange on the rest. Even more objects are added.
  • Level 13+ caravans are small trucks/cars.


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Age Number Available
Dawn Age -
Stone Age
Bronze Age 2
Iron Age4
Classical Age5
Medieval Age 6 (8)
Gunpowder Age
Enlightenment Age
Industrial Age
Global Age
Atomic Age
Cold War Age
Space Age
Digital Age
Information Age
Level Build Cost Food Upgrade Time Clock Citizens Required Citizen Experience Gain Exp Production per hour (*SH + C) Gold icon Storage Capacity Gold icon HP Health icon Age Unlocked Payback in days (cost/extra production) Payback + Lost days of production[1]
15001min215154 (200)800845Bronze Age0.2 (0.2)0.2
280015min65308 (400)1,6001,0000.3 (0.3)0.31
31,6001h135490 (637)2,6001,1050.5 (0.5)0.57
43,2002h195672 (873)5,0001,210Iron Age1.0 (0.9)1.22
510,0008h420854 (1,110)10,0001,3153.2 (2.7)4.43
630,00012h5201,036 (1,346)15,0001,470Classical Age9.6 (8.0)11.95
770,00016h6101,218 (1,583)25,0001,52522.4 (18.7)26.19
8120,00020h6901,428 (1,856)35,0002,035Medieval Age33.3 (27.8)38.13
9180,0001d7601,638 (2,129)50,0002,52050.0 (41.7)56.80
10240,0002d1,1151,918 (2,493)65,0002,645Gunpowder Age50.0 (41.7)61.70
11400,0003d1,3952,198 (2,857)80,0002,77083.3 (69.4)103.85
12700,0004d1,6302,478 (3,221)110,0004,025Enlightenment Age145.8 (121.5)177.20
131,000,0005d1,8452,758 (3,585)140,0004,175Industrial Age208.3 (173.6)252.55
141,400,0006d2,0403,038 (3,949)170,0004,325291.7 (243.1)350.80
151,800,0007d43,2453,318 (4,313)200,0004,775Global Age??
162,200,0008d3,4953,668 (4,768)230,0004,925??
172,800,0009d3,7254,200 (5,460)260,0005,915Atomic Age??
183,400,00010d3,9504,900 (6,370)310,0007,125??
194,200,00010d12h4,0555,780 (7,514)365,0008,610Cold War Age??
204,800,00011d4,1606,860 (8,918)401,5009,465??
21 5,400,000 11d12h 4,265 7,990 (10,387) 451,500 10,490 Space Age
22 ? ? ? 9,300 505,000 11,645
23 7,500,000 13d 4,500 10,700 560,000 13,886 Digital Age
24 9,000,000 14d 7h 4,805
25 Information Age

*SH = Stonehenge (Bonus +20%)

*C = Commerce (Bonus +10%)

 Boosts Edit

The Commerce Technology at the Library confers these bonuses to Caravans

  • Ch. 1 = +1 Caravan limit.
  • Ch. 2 = +5% Caravan income.
  • Ch. 3 = +1 Caravan limit.
    • (Ch. 4 is +10% Market health).
  • Ch. 5 = +5% Caravan income.

The Stonehenge wonder confers these bonuses to Caravans:

  • Caravan Bonus: +20%

Emperor Moctezuma at the University confers these bonuses to the Caravan:

  • Caravan Production : +10% Caravan income (5 levels)

VIP Bonuses Edit

Gold from Caravans

  • Level 1 : 3%
  • Level 3 : 6%
  • Level 5 : 10%
  • Level 7 : 15%
  • Level 11 : 20%
  • Level 15 : 25%

Building Upgrade Resource Cost

  • Level 9 : 5%
  • Level 12 : 10%
  • Level 15 : 15%

Parliament Edit

Caravan Efficiency

  • Caravan production +2 ~ 20%

Currency Banks

  • Caravans storage +1 ~ 10%

Base Financing: Economic

  • Reduce cost of Economic building upgrades by 1,000~85,000 Food/Gold (to a minimum of Free)


  1. From Level 13 to Level 14 It takes 6 days In 6 days you produce 1970X24X6=283,680 Then: (283,680/200)/24 = 59.1 extra days. This puts the Payback time from 291.7 to 350.8
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