The Cherokee are an offensive War Coalition that increases the support cart heal and barracks troop health, as well as getting the Ghigau to help you in offense.It is unlocked when you upgrade your Embassy to level 2.

General InformationEdit

Level Embassy Req.

Cost Food icon



Supply Cart Heal Barracks Troop Health Ghigau Amount
1 2 - - -


+5% 2
2 2 500,000 1d 520


3 2 1,750,000 2d 760 +20% +15%
4 3 3,000,000 4d 1,115 +25% +20% 3
5 4 5,000,000 8d 1,630 +30% +25%
6 5 7,000,000 10d 1,845 +35% +30%
7 6 8,000,000 11d 1,945 +40% +35%

Historical Description Edit

"The Cherokee are one of the largest Native American tribes. Their traditional territory was in the southeastern United States. They led a settled agricultural lifestyle with democratic institutions and a matrilineal system of land inheritance.

Though the Europeans brought deadly diseases, the Cherokee recognized the value of their guns and trade goods, and they maintained a steady alliance with the British. They fought against the Thirteen Colonies during the American Revolution and lost much of their land in the aftermath. Andrew Jackson forced them to abandon their homes and march at bayonet point on the Trail of Tears to Oklahoma, where most Cherokee live today. A small group that evaded removal in the mountains is now recognized as the Eastern Band of Cherokee.

One of the tribe's most remarkable accomplishments was the invention of the Cherokee alphabet by the illiterate silversmith Sequoyah, who is revered as a cultural hero.

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