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The Christmas Truce Event begins soon! Heal your troops by using supply units, the First Aid tactics, and the Medic Blessing in Multiplayer Battle & World War to receive mystery boxes! (From 15:00 UTC 12/14/2018 until 15:00 UTC 12/21/2018)

Historical Description[]

On Christmas morning, December 25, 1914, soldiers across some of the war fronts in World War I emerged from their trenches to greet one another. Throughout the day, these soldiers exchanged gifts of cigarettes, food, clothing, and kicked makeshift soccer balls.

Some soldiers used the temporary ceasefire as an opportunity to retrieve bodies that had fallen within no-man’s land, the deadly ground between the lines.

While the truce occured on multiple fronts, it was not universal. There were a few cases of soldiers attempting to greet the enemy only to be shot.

Officers on both sides would strictly forbid such future fraternization. Those regulations may have been a moot point regardless, given the increasing animosity generated by new innovations such as poison gas, strategic bombings of cities, and unrestricted submarine warfare. Industrialized warfare would destroy such Victorian-era pleasantries as surely as it would claim the lives of many of the participants of the Christmas Truce, but for one day at least, peace reigned throughout much of the Western Front.


Christmas Truce Event

Heal your troops by using supply units, the First Aid tactic, and the Medic blessing in Multiplayer Battle and World War.

Step 1: Heal 200,000 Hitpoints

  • Reward: 1 Bountiful Chest

Step 2: Heal 450,000 Hitpoints

  • Reward: 700,000 Gold

Step 3: Heal 1,150,000 Hitpoints

  • Reward: 2 Bountiful Chest

Step 4: Heal 1,800,000 Hitpoints

  • Reward: 2,100,000 Food

Step 5: Heal 2,500,000 Hitpoints

*Reward amount depends on age. The value above displayed in Cold War Age.