The Cold War Age is the twelfth age in DomiNationsIt is reached by paying 13,000,000 gold in the City Center while in the Atomic Age, takes 12 citizens and 13 days to complete. This age is preceded by the Atomic Age. This is the fourth age that Big Huge Games added to the game after the Industrial Age, the Global Age, and the Atomic Age. The troops for the Cold War Age are the Valiant Infantry, Veteran Rifleman, Heavy Artillery

Historical Description Edit

The Cold War was a state of geopolitical tension after World War II between powers in the Eastern Bloc (the Soviet Union and its satellite states) and powers in the Western Bloc (the United States, its NATO allies and others). Historians do not fully agree on the dates, but a common timeframe is the period between 1947, the year the Truman Doctrine, a U.S. foreign policy pledging to aid nations threatened by Soviet expansionism, was announced, and either 1989, when communism fell in Eastern Europe, or 1991, when the Soviet Union collapsed. The term "cold" is used because there was no large-scale fighting directly between the two sides, but they each supported major regional wars known as proxy wars.

Cold War, the open yet restricted rivalry that developed after World War II between the United States and the Soviet Union and their respective allies. The Cold War was waged on political, economic, and propaganda fronts and had only limited recourse to weapons. The term was first used by the English writer George Orwell in an article published in 1945 to refer to what he predicted would be a nuclear stalemate between “two or three monstrous super-states, each possessed of a weapon by which millions of people can be wiped out in a few seconds.” It was first used in the United States by the American financier and presidential adviser Bernard Baruch in a speech at the State House in Columbia, South Carolina, in 1947.

Gallery Edit

DomiNations Cold War Trailer

DomiNations Cold War Trailer

Trivia Edit

  • The Atomic Age is a DomiNations invention; the Atomic Age technically is part of the Cold War.
  • The Cold War Age was the last age the Soviet Union existed.
  • Ironically, it is a Cold War Age without a Cold War
  • BIG HUGE GAMES put this age instead of information age.
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