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“Bernard Montgomery was a well-known officer in the British Army, participating in both WWI and WWII. He was nicknamed 'Spartan General.'”

Command is a Level 8 Technology which decreases the cooldowns of Generals and give them more powers.

 General Information[]


Chapter Cost Oil icon Time Clock Exp Gain Exp Description
1 19,500 8h 1,010 Reduces General cooldowns by 1h
2 39,000 3d 3,370 Upgrade retinue defenders to Machine Gun Infantry
3 58,500 6d 4,935 Reduces General cooldowns by 1h
4 78,000 8d 5,780 Train a third General using oil (double the cost)
5 117,000 12d 7,225 Reduces General oil training cost by 10%
  • Notre Dame wonder decreases the library research cost by 10%.