The Infiltrator is currently the highest level of Commandos available in the game.

General Information Edit

Strength Bypasses gates and traps; 50x damage vs. defensive buildings and walls
Weakness Easily overwhelmed if caught by defenders
Favourite target Defensive building
Training Time 10m
Troop space 10
Range 0

Statistics Edit

Name Age HP Health icon Damage per second DPS vs. Buildings and Walls Cost Oil Oil icon Upgrade Cost Oil icon Upgrade Time Clock Experience Gain Exp
GuerrillaEnlightenment Age2,5351447,20030 - - 1,300
CommandoIndustrial Age4,38820010,0005572,0009d1,630
Veteran CommandoGlobal Age5,04622011,00070150,00010d1,845
Elite CommandoAtomic Age5,85023311,65080170,00012d2,040
Valiant Commando6,43527013,500100190,00013d2,130
Heroic CommandoCold War Age7,40131115,549110205,00014d2,220
Infiltrator8,142 343 17,150125 220,000 15d2,305

Boosts Edit

The Heavy Weaponry Technology at the Library confers these bonuses to the Commandos:

  • Level 2: Increases Commandos troop health by 10%

The Warfare Technology at the Library confers these bonuses to the Destroyers:

  • Level 4: Reduces Commandos troop space by 2

The Versailles wonder confers these bonuses to the Commandos:

  • Hitpoint boost to both your attacking and defending troops: 10%
  • The Heritage at the Library Chapter 1 increases the hitpoints bonus from +10% to +11%.

The Brandenburg Gate wonder confers these bonuses to the Commandos:

  • Factory unit damage: +20%
  • The Heritage at the Library Chapter 1 increases this factory damage bonus from +20% to +22%.

History Edit

  • Their ability to ignore traps has changed over time. They ignore traps (again) as of December 17, 2018 via the "Balance Changes + Decay Update " update.
  • Their HP was also increased on December 17, 2018. For example, the Commando's base HP increased from 2925 to 4388.

Visuals Edit