Tactical Infiltrator

The Tactical Infiltrator is currently the highest level of Commandos available in the game.

Commandos are the 2nd type of Factory units players can use in the game. They're sneaky, can bypass Gates and do 20x damage vs. Buildings and Walls. However, they are easily overwhelmed if caught by defenders. Unlocked in the Enlightenment Age.

General Information Edit

StrengthBypasses gates and traps; 50x damage vs. defensive buildings and walls
WeaknessEasily overwhelmed if caught by defenders
Favourite targetDefensive building
Training Time10m
Troop space10

Visuals Edit

Statistics Edit

Name Age Factory Level HP Health icon Damage per second DPS vs. Buildings and Walls Cost Oil Oil icon Upgrade Cost Oil icon Upgrade Time Clock Experience Gain Exp
GuerrillaEnlightenment Age 22,5351447,20030 - - -
CommandoIndustrial Age 34,38820010,0005572,0009d1,740
Veteran CommandoGlobal Age 45,04622011,00070150,00010d1,845
Elite CommandoAtomic Age 65,85024512,25080170,00012d2,040
Valiant Commando 76,43527013,500100190,00013d2,130
Heroic CommandoCold War Age 87,40131115,549110205,00014d2,220
Infiltrator 98,142 343 17,150125 220,000 15d2,305
Strategic InfiltratorSpace Age 10 8,550 365 18,250 144 235,000 16d2,305
Honored Infiltrator 11 9,100 400 20,000 165 250,000 17d 2,400
Advanced InfiltratorDigital Age 12 9,880? 488? 22,440? 188 260,000 18d 2,450
Tactical Infiltrator 13 11,647? 534? 26,710? 208 270,000 16d 3h? 2,500

Boosts Edit

The Heavy Weaponry Technology at the Library confers these bonuses to the Commandos:

  • Level 2: Increases Commandos troop health by 10%

The Warfare Technology at the Library confers these bonuses to the Commandos:

  • Level 4: Reduces Commandos troop space by 2

The research of Sally Ride in the University confers the following bonuses to the Commandos:

  • Commandos Hitpoints: +3% Commandos hitpoints (10 levels)

The Versailles wonder confers these bonuses to the Commandos:

  • Hitpoint boost to both your attacking and defending troops: 10%
  • The Heritage at the Library Chapter 1 increases the hitpoints bonus from +10% to +11%.

The Brandenburg Gate wonder confers these bonuses to the Commandos:

  • Factory unit damage: +20%
  • The Heritage at the Library Chapter 1 increases this factory damage bonus from +20% to +22%.

Offensive Strategy Edit

Commandos are most vulnerable to enemy defenders, they won't fight back when attacked by defenders. Commandos tend to charge forward, impervious to towers, this makes them first to be targeted by the very enemy troops that they are most vulnerable to. Because of this using Commandos requires a fair bit of attention. But if you provide them the necessary cover they will tear through a base very quickly.

  • Try to deploy Commandos far from enemy troops, or if there's one garrison or cavalry depot, deploy right next to it to eliminate it first.
  • It's often effective to deploy immediately after defenders spawn, the newly spawned defenders will target far away troops and a newly deployed commando can follow in immediately behind them without being targeted until the next spawning round, giving plenty of time to do a lot of damage.
  • Avoid generals at all cost, they will trash Commandos quickly.
  • Never deploy two Commandos near each other, if they target the same building they will have the effect of one commando, it's a waste.
  • Try to deploy Commandos near gates, they walk through gates. If you deploy them by a wall with a gate anywhere in the vicinity they will take a long walk through the gate to reach their target on the other side, this is quite often a troop-spawning, suicidal walk.
  • Provide support for Commandos using planes/fighters to clear troops.
  • Use Commandos to eliminate the most dangerous defenses, this is often anti-tank guns and air defenses (since it's critical to provide air cover to commandos).
  • With a 2 or 3 Commandos army it's often advantageous to deploy Commandos in waves so you hold back a commando until mid battle. If you deploy all commandos early it's hard to track their movement in disparate locations and provide support, then they can be lost too quickly.

History Edit

  • Their ability to ignore traps has changed over time. They ignore traps (again) as of December 17, 2018 via the "Balance Changes + Decay Update " update.
  • Their HP was also increased on December 17, 2018. For example, the Commando's base HP increased from 2925 to 4388.
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