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“Crowns can be used to hurry tasks along so you don't have to wait!”

Crowns are the premium Resources currency in DomiNations. They can be used to finish a task instantly, to purchase other types of resources, to acquire Peace Treaties, amongst other things.

Crowns can be obtained via in-app purchases and from the Crown Ship. They can also be earned by fulfilling Goals and Achievements, or by winning single player campaigns. Other ways of obtaining Crowns are listed below.

Crowns cannot be looted by another player.


  • Using in-app purchase.
  • Completing Goals and Achievements
  • Getting all the victory stars in a single player campaign.
  • Killing enemy troops when your base is attacked.
  • Hunting Stags.
  • Exploring Ruins.
  • Removing Obstacles (very small chance of getting Crowns).
  • Watching in-app Video Advertisement.
  • Purchasing a Crown Pass from the Crown Dock
  • Chance of getting crowns from General bonus in expeditions


  • A second upgrade slot can be unlocked at the Library for 1,000  Crowns after the later Version Update. It is a permanent 2nd slot.
  • A second upgrade slot can be unlocked at the Blacksmith / Armory for 1,000  Crowns after the Version 5.3 Update. It is a permanent 2nd slot.

Crowns for Upgrades & Buildings[]

The amount of crowns needed to finish an activity, such as a building or researching is a piecewise linear function, depending on time, and completely independent of the number of workers. Some activities tend toward 0 crowns at the 5 minute mark, others cost at least 1 crown until they finish, but at times longer than 30 minutes there appears to be no difference.

Time Crowns Formula (up to this point)
< 30 mins 12 depends
< 1 hour 24 0.4 * minutes
< 1 day 300 12 + 12 * hours
< 7 days 1156 157 + (999 / 7) * days ~= 157 + 143 * days
< 14 days 1861 451 + (705 / 7) * days ~= 451 + 100.7 * days
... 153 + 122 * days


  • In the tutorial, Pompus the Wise prompts you to use Crowns to instantly finish the construction of the first Tower and Barracks, each of which takes 40s to build. Later on in Stone Age, he then tells you that any construction or upgrade that has less than 5 minutes remaining can be finished for free.