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“Mercenary cavalry raider, incredibly good against resource buildings.”

The DRDO Pinaka is a Mercenary Cavalry Raider available at Mercenary Camp level 14. The previous mercenary of this type is the 2K12 Kub .

Historical Description[]

India has a long history of rocket warfare stretching back at least to Mughal times. The latest development in this tradition is the Pinaka multi-barrel rocket launch (MBRL) system. The DRDO, part of India's Ministry of Defence, began working on it in 1986. It was ready by the mid-1990s, seeing its first combat in 1999 during the Kargil War with Pakistan. The system performed well enough that a dedicated MBRL regiment was established the following year.

A full Pinaka battery consists of over a dozen vehicles: six launchers, six loader-replenishers, two command posts, and a weather radar. The launcher is a Tatra truck with a pair of rocket pods on top that hold half a dozen warheads each, making a total capacity of 72 rockets per battery. These can be launched at the same time or separately from the fire control computers in the command posts. In 2019, a Mk II version of the rocket with improved precision guidance systems and longer range was successfully tested, showing India's ongoing commitment to the Pinaka system.