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The Dawn Age is the first age available to a player in DomiNations. As the game's age, it has no research or cost requirements. In this age, you will be guided by a tutorial guide (Pompus the Wise) until you reached the Stone Age. Also, you should not get attacked by other players and will not be able to participate in multiplayer battles until you reach the Bronze Age.


Historical Description

The Dawn Age is a period of time of history about the dawn of civilization, hence the name. This age revolves around the Mesolithic Era. This age begins in 12,000 BC(E) and ends at about 10,000 BC(E) with the favor of stone tools and the emergence of agriculture marking the beginning of the Stone Age. During the Dawn Age, humans have migrated throughout the world from the Levant region in Southwest Asia and settled. The humans were hunter-gatherers meaning they have to get their food from animals or the plants and fruits provided by Mother Nature. Villages were built and humans create tools to help quicken the work. The intelligence of humans increased. Tools were improved to stronger ones and new systems of getting food were created. This marked the end of the Dawn Age and the beginning of the Stone Age.


The player begins with prehistorical technology. The buildings available to the player are the Pile of Sticks, House, Town Center, Tower, Fruit Tree, and the Barracks. The player receives 4 Citizens from 2 freehouses and create Spearman from the barracks.



Dawn Age opening

Opening screen of the Dawn Age


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