“Creates an inflatable tower. Attacking troops in a large radius will run to attack this phony threat.”

General InformationEdit

  • The Decoy Trap is a trap (Defensive Buildings) that creates a phony target for the attacking troops.
  • An attacker can use a decoy to prematurely activate this trap.
  • Rallying doesn't work when your troops are caught in the ring of the decoy trap

Defensive Strategies Edit

  • These traps work well in high concentrated areas or key building areas such as silo, town center, and stronghold.
  • Utilize combination of anti tank gun, redoubts, and outgoing defender traffic to attack the lured troops.
  • Placing a barbed wire tactfully with this will not only weaken but slow your enemy while they are also distracted for even easier overwhelming numbers to take them out.

Statistics Edit

Age Number Available
Atomic Age 2
Cold War Age
Space Age
Digital Age 3
Level Build Cost Gold icon Citizens Needed Citizen Re-Arm Cost Gold icon Upgrade Time Clock Experience Gain Exp HP Health icon Range Pulse Rate Duration Age Unlocked
12,550,000 122,0000s -51,00021s8sAtomic Age
23,650,000 1?9d1,84555,250
34,320,000 1 ?10d1,95066,300Cold War Age

Boosts Edit

Harriet Tubman at the University confers these bonuses to Decoy Trap:

  • Traps upgrade Time: Decreases the time of upgrading Traps by 1% (10 levels).
  • Traps upgrade Cost: Decreases the cost of upgrading Traps by 1% (10 levels).
  • Decoy Trap Hitpoints: Increases hitpoints of Decoy Traps by 1% (10 levels).

VIP Bonuses Edit

Building Upgrade Resource Cost

  • Level 9 : 5%
  • Level 12 : 10%
  • Level 15 : 15%

Parliament Edit

Base Financing: Defense

  • Reduce cost of Defense building upgrades by 3,000 ~ 85,000 Food/Gold (to a minimum of Free)
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