“Causes high damage to a single building.”

General InformationEdit

  • Demolition is a Tactic that is unlocked when your War Academy reaches level 4. It causes high damage to a single building.

Library / University BoostsEdit

  • Battle Tactics, Chapter 2 will increase the damage of this tactic by 10%.
  • Suleiman the Magnificent at the University level 2 increases the damage of Demolition by 1% per skill level.


  • In World War, a Coalition with the Mongols increases "Tactics Damage" by 15% at level 1 to 35% at Level 7. That is a percent of the base damage, so cumulative with Battle Tactics Chapter 2 and Suleiman. The max overall boost is 55%.


Strength High damage to a single building.
Weakness Only affects 1 building.

Deals 85% less damage to storage buildings and Town Centers.

Build Time Clock 35m
Tactics Space TroopSpace 1
Level Cost Food Radius Range Damage Damage Upgrade Cost Food Upgrade Time Clock XP Reward Exp War Academy Level
18,500Single target2,590---4
210,5004,2004,000,0005d 10h1,3155