Diamond Mine

“Diamond Mine produce large amount of gold and a diamond everytime!”

Diamond Mine is an indistructible special type of event building.

General Information Edit

  • The Diamond Mine provides Gold and a Diamond for the player.
  • The Hanging Gardens wonder reduces the collect time by 50%, the regeneration time by 20% and increases the gather amount by 20% once placed in the wonders radius.
  • You can use Crowns to prospect the Diamond Mine, allowing you to extract Gold and a Diamond from it at once.
  • Available in Trade Mansa! event.

Statistics Edit

Duration Clock Number Available Time Needed to Replenish Clock Harvest Time Clock Citizens Required Citizen Harvest Amount Gold icon Chance at Diamond Diamond Found
7d 1 8 hours 20s 4 ~30,000 100% 1

Visuals Edit

Diamond Mine
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