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THE ARENA is the oldest server in the game, boasting several iterations of development with an active core and home to F8TAL, a family of alliances that have reached the T50 while maintaining a relaxed and friendly environment and a great place to learn new strategies and grow. With several developments allowing you to follow channels providing Twitter(x) content from the official DomiNations. Global chat, allowing you to connect with multiples of discord servers live to communicate war agreements(current matchup) or chat amongst peers in Global. Drop in to see it in action, or just to get it hooked into your very own discord server! Working hard to integrate new technology we are ever-growing and excited to see new faces! Come join us to get the best experience the community has to offer!

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DomiNations Prime is the largest and most active community Discord server for the game; featuring the best collection of game announcements from across all official platforms, quick and accurate searching of this DomiNations Wiki and the sites, BHG/Nexon supported contests / events with prizes, as well as game tips, strategy advice, and connections to the widest variety of players / alliances on Discord, making it easy to negotiate wars and enhance your game!

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