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About DomiNations!

From legendary game designer Brian Reynolds (Civilization II, Rise of Nations), DomiNations is an epic new strategy game of exploration, advancement, and conquest. Lead your Nation to ultimate victory throughout all of human history – from the Stone Age to the Space Age! Build your capital city, pick your Nation from among the greatest civilizations of the world.

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Bastion is one of the wall segment that, once destroyed and reduced to rubble, can reduce attacker's speed as they try to go through it. It is considered the same Defensive Buildings group as Walls and Gate as they don't need to be destroy to win the game, but they do protect your more important buildings
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  • Choose your Nation to reap the rewards, special powers, and unique units of the British, Romans, Chinese, Germans, French, Japanese, Greeks, or Koreans.
  • Advance through all of human history and become the first player to unlock the secrets of technologies like Cavalry, Gunpowder, and Flight!
  • Recruit the most storied Generals from antiquity, including Alexander, Cleopatra, and Napoleon!
  • Increase your renown by constructing Wonders of the World, from the Pyramids to the Statue of Liberty!
  • Join an Alliance and co-operate to defeat enemies from around the globe!
  • Conquer the World in single-player campaigns from the Fertile Crescent to the Viking Invasion!
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Game Updates
Tactics have been buffed and debuffed over time to maintain balance. Which Tactics from War Academy do you use most frequently right now after the end of April 2019 update?

The poll was created at 05:35 on May 2, 2019, and so far 49 people voted.

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