DomiNations Prime (DNP) is the original community-run Discord server dedicated to the mobile gaming app, DomiNations. DNP’s international membership has currently surpassed 3000+ players, and is growing daily, making it the largest, most active, Discord server for the game. It is entirely managed and maintained by several volunteer community members that strive to keep it a positive, conflict-free, server. All DomiNations players are welcome to join and participate in live discussions, alliance recruitment, strategy sharing, player development and community events. The server is meant to be used as a place to grow, share strategies, and support each other in positive gaming.


DNP has been regularly featured by Nexon/BHG during developer livestreams on Twitch, and our management continues to foster positive relationships with the game devs to bring the community exciting events, contests and rewards. Our server is frequented by game devs, who have been known to connect with players to provide valuable information and assistance in real time.

Our community is humbled to include many experts in game-play, base design, and community activities, and we love to support content creators. For instance, we currently have channels dedicated to the Gail Just Wanna Have Fun YouTube stream of renowned community members GailWho and FunDog! If you would like to have your content or event featured on DNP, please join and direct message DNP Admin, @maggiepie#5251.

Selection of Events

DNP is the birthplace of the famed All-Star Wars (conceived by players Clint, Halsten, Marcin and Monty the Great). These were the first large-scale community wars to be manually matched by the game devs in conjunction with players and introduced community war rewards. DNP Admins, Maggiepie and Clint, were also responsible for the most massive community devised DomiNations wars ever held in the form of the Continental World Cup Tournament. This double-elimination tournament registered over 500 players to compete in a series of 50v wars. More recently, player Optimus Crime organized a series of mass head to head matches, known as Crime Wars. These events were a throw back to DNP community matchmaking of the past, without dev intervention, and saw a total of 104 alliances participating over two events (2500 accounts total).


The DNP Discord server is about providing all members of the community with a relevant, informative and collaborative platform to add value to the player experience. We have lots of channels available where you can:

♟ Get game tips, strategies and advice from experienced players;

🎉 Participate in games, events, contests and community wars with prizes;

⚔️ Discuss current wars, connect to opponents and arrange head to head matches with other active teams;

💥 Access replays and base designs from highly skilled players;

🛡 Showcase your alliance to the largest group of players on Discord, or discover a fun new alliance to join;

🏆 Share awesome museum artifacts, amazing loot hauls and hilarious domi memes;

📣  Get the latest game news delivered straight to your own server by following our Announcements channel;

🔎 Search this DomiNations Wiki right from our server with a fast, dependable and highest precision search.

Invite Link

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