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DomiNations Sitrep -4 - The Manufactory

Greetings Leaders,

Welcome to Sitrep #4! A lot has happened since our previous Sitrep. Three whole seasons came and went including an Early Test Build. We’ve added more value to the rewards you collect across the game. Summer for the Ages began and there are only a few weeks remaining for you to take advantage of those discounted upgrades!

Throughout each of those moments, one thing was abundantly clear! Your passion and care for our game DomiNations! Everyone who provided feedback made sure that we were keeping your best interests at heart while we worked to shape the future of the game.

We at Big Huge Games want to thank you, and highlight some of the changes that were brought on because of the invaluable feedback you all shared!

Looking Back At the Quality of Life Updates[]

At Big Huge Games, we spent plenty of time compiling your comments, and your concerns and created an action plan for what our next steps would be. That all culminated in the Road Ahead Post that was released at the end of June.

In that post, we shared our more immediate plans to improve Event Pass rewards further, and brought back the highly requested Global Leaderboard competition! We also made a promise to implement additional improvements to the game, and asked for your continued feedback to potentially add in the future! In the two months since the release of our road ahead statement we’ve worked diligently to implement some of your responses.

Some examples of that include:

  • The Committees Councilors are participating in are now visible right from the Primary and War Hall menus of the Council Building.
  • An icon above the Council Building now appears when a Council Collection reward can be claimed without visiting the Council Building.
  • Legendary Artifacts are now available to use as soon as you build the Museum.
  • Increased artifact storage, and increased Museum Currency from Museum Boxes!
  • Increased Oil Generation, and Mysterious Fragment Generation. We even removed the refill requirement of your Missile Silo and Bunkers!
  • Improvements were made to the MRL to increase their viability in your Army compositions.
  • World War Maps now display the levels of your foes for you to better strategize your attacks!
  • Going forward day one, you’ll now find all key stats alongside each new Unit, Building, or Councilor, including upgrade information within Patch Notes!
  • Access to all speed-ups is available immediately after constructing the Archive. This will help you progress faster through the Ages and experience everything that DomiNations has to offer!
  • War Tactics now only take five minutes to train between each battle.
  • Maps can be cleaned up quickly with the reduced debris clear time.
  • Get back to your battles faster with Video retrains now available every 4 hours!Now while we’ve done so much already, we know there is still PLENTY of work to get through.

We’re still taking your feedback as we continue on this path to better your play experience within DomiNations.

Be sure to check out the latest edition of The Road Ahead, released last week, to learn what else coming down the pipeline! The Road Ahead features new artifacts and new councilors that we can’t wait to introduce to you later on within the Automation Age!

Automation Age[]

Speaking of, work on the next age to be introduced to DomiNations is currently underway. Automation Age continues your progression through the Ages by introducing Unit Upgrades that give your armies and bases a whole new look! As we highlighted in the Automation Age teaser, current Drone Age Leaders can expect to upgrade to Automation Age once they’ve attained level 370.

After the release of Automation Age, a future update will include a brand new feature for leaders to interact with! The Manufactory will be added not just for Automation Age Leaders, but for those at Industrial Age and beyond!

This new feature will have Leaders creating Munitions to add unique improvements to their Troops and Defensive structures. The Manufactory will generate the materials you choose for free, which will then be used in the creation process of your Munitions. Materials will primarily be generated from your Manufactory, but can also be acquired through regular play, and may even be found in chests!

Manufactory is going to be a massive addition to how you leverage your Armies and bolster your defenses.

We brought on one of our Game Designers, Gary, to walk us through a high-level look at how we’ll be interacting with the Manufactory. However, you can also expect us to go over this new free-to-play feature in-depth as it gets closer to release in a post on the forums!

We covered quite a bit today in our latest edition of Sitrep.

Tons of Quality of Life improvements were implemented over the summer in DomiNations.

Our latest Road Ahead post is now live, and we’ll continue to update you in future posts covering even more improvements! Automation Age is on the way, with new levels, and updated looks for units! We also took an early look at the Manufactory bringing another layer of customization to your battles!

We can’t wait for you to take part in what lies ahead for DomiNations, thank you for watching and we’ll see you next time leaders!